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Editorial: Our Generation’s favorite lyrics on ‘Punk’

Fans have had roughly two weeks to digest the flavorful soup that’s Young Thug‘s multi-genre melting pot, Punk. The 20-song, over hour-long project put Young Thug’s unmatched vocal and songwriting versatility at center stage once more.

As fans all know by now, Thug’s lyricism historically includes some of the most eccentric, off-the-wall diction and anecdotes in all of hip-hop. So, for Punk, we at Our Generation Music have compiled our 10 favorite lyrics from Thug’s latest album.

Young Thug’s ‘PUNK’ debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200

So my sisters had got to fighting, and, uh

And they— and they— and they had a family member that was a deputy sheriff, and, um

My mom came outside to goddamn stop the fighting

The lady had got in the car and just pulled off doing at, like, sixty miles per hour, ran my mom over

She had a stroke and shit, but she alright


I always knew I wasn’t gon’ be gay

I had her sendin’ pictures to my mom phone when I was like eight, tuh

Young Thug on “Die Slow”

Young Thug first debuted this track during his NPR Tiny Desk Concert performance, as he is one of the few artists that can pivot from a serious story to a quirky comment without a hitch. Fans poked fun at this particularly amusing moment in the album’s intro.

Well, it’s that gat toting, pistol holding nigga on your damn street

Pussy nigga usually pop a trigger if the hand speak

Lackluster, I’ma smack suckers this year

I’ma make a hundred thousand racks off of this here

J. Cole on “Stressed”

As Young Thug slowly built the anticipation for the song’s explosive start, J. Cole kicked the door down with a potent verse to highlight the track. Cole and Thug’s relationship first began when Cole brought him on his 2018 “KOD Tour” and subsequently executively produced his 2019 album So Much Fun.

I wish that keepin’ it real really was contagious

‘Cause I be showing love, always met with fake shit

But that’s what’s in my heart, I could never change it

I just wish that things were reciprocated

Young Thug on “Contagious”

This powerfully somber hook offered by Thug shows him truly defeated by the two-faced actions of his colleagues in the industry. This authenticity is what makes Thug’s music all the more impactful.

Peepin’ out the window (Yeah)

All I see is a bunch of opps tryna rise from the dead, wanna smoke me like I’m indo (Oh)

All I see is a bunch of broke-ass bitches tryna tell me I ain’t poppin’, I ain’t hot no more

Well, listen to me closely

Bitch, I got a Rollie, it’s gold like a trophy

All of my kids straight, if you truly know me

Most of my dogs bossed up

Future on “Peepin Out The Window”

From the background, Future sees many who want to see his demise. But, in this insanely catchy hook, he reassures his enemies that he is not going to falter any time soon.

Murder every nigga, murder every instrumental

They not my kinfolk

They finna get fucked up when I hop out the Benz like Rambo, uh

Uh, shit’ll make the devil dance

Leanin’ all over this song, don’t think I stand a chance

Juice WRLD on “Rich N***a Shit”

The late Juice WRLD was famed for freestyling most of his verses and songs, and he did so impressively. He truly “murdered every instrumental” with clever, quick-witted wordplay evident in this posthumous verse.

My mama told me, “Pick up the phone”

I got a call from the label sayin’ it’s coming in strong

I just called up my old lady, told her, “Go get what you want”

I put these racks on your potatoes, your tomatoes get gone

Young Thug on “Insure My Wrist”

Alluding to his wildly successful collaboration with Travis Scott and Quavo “Pick Up The Phone” where he shouted out his mother in his verse, Thug explains that everyone eats as long as he’s providing.

YSL’ll put a nigga six feet

I ain’t beggin’ when I tell a bitch, “Please”

Me and lil’ Thugger on fleek

Now that lil’ ho wanna meet, ayy

What, what, what, what?

Fuck her on beat

OVO life not cheap

Drake on “Bubbly”

After Thug and Travis Scott tore apart the first half of the track, Drake introduces this outlandish flow after a beat switch. It’s easy to see how much fun Drizzy must have been having in the studio while recording these bars.

Got big baguettes sittin’ on my neck

I throwed it to my dawgs, I told ’em fetch

Fuck over opps, they can’t see shit but this

I fucked her hard, I put that bitch to bed

I called ’em up and told him what he said

He text me back five days and he was dead

I told him bring my skeletons out the shed

I been sippin’ on Wock’, this ain’t no red

Young Thug on “Fifth Day Dead”

Thugger’s pretty, harmonious singing about his ferocious gang ways and shining jewelry shows a duality that can only be accomplished by a versatile artist like himself.

I fucked her the first night and then I never called again

Next time lil’ shawty seen me, I was ridin’ with her friend

This alligator Kelly, not the Stacy, please

Do not hate me, hate the game, baby

Young Thug on “Hate The Game”

Thug would be the first to tell you that life isn’t fair, and the game can be harsh. Thug humorously demonstrates how you shouldn’t have high expectations with him relationship-wise in this wonderfully sung hook.

Leave me alone, take your ass home

If it ain’t another million, I ain’t pickin’ up the phone

Phony motherfuckers always sittin’ on a throne

All I want’s some pussy, baby, give a dog a bone, yeah, yeah

Mac Miller on “Day Before”

In a fitting name for the track, Mac Miller recorded this verse the day before his tragic 2018 death. Mac was a simple man, did not tolerate nonsense and wanted money and women. He surely gets this point across with these smooth, enjoyable bars.

Decide for yourself which lyrics and songs are your favorites by streaming Young Thug’s second studio album ‘Punk’ below!

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