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Tyler, The Creator makes memories ‘Lost’ on tour

Sir Baudelaire stamps himself as an irreplaceable entertainer touring his Grammy-nominated album ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’

Over a decade in the game, Tyler, The Creator has become a household name for various reasons. Birthing the Odd Future collective, breaking other artists such as Frank Ocean, Syd, The Internet, and even being early on Kali Uchis before she would go on to become a superstar, Tyler’s love for creativity and being able to create freely with no boundaries is what makes him an all-time performer.

His Call Me If You Get Lost experience has certainly been one hell of a trip, as Tyler is a testament to creating complete and memorable experiences. On top of winning Best Rap Album at the 64th Annual GRAMMY awards Sunday (April 3), The Creator’s second RAOTY award comes off the back of his forward-thinking Gangsta Grillz mixtape and unforgettable coinciding tour.

His vision is executed in many other avenues. Whether it be from his “GOLF” clothing line, pop up shop for his “Le Fleur” fragrance and nail paint, or his self-directed music videos, Tyler does not miss an opportunity to get his hands on anything possible that can show how creative he is. His live performances are no exception to this either, for that is where fans get to see Tyler in his purest form. The stage development, interactions with the fans — and even the way he keeps the energy at an all-time high — it’s safe to say that Tyler may be one of the best performers that music has seen in a very long time.

After the success of his June 2021 release Call Me If You Get Lost, Tyler announced shortly after a tour that would take place in early 2022. Kicking off in San Diego on Feb. 10, Tyler brought his Rolls Royce and speed boat to stadiums across the nation for a stellar show and brought Teezo Touchdown, Vince Staples, and Kali Uchis along for the ride.

One thing about Tyler, is that he always cares about his stage set-up. In the past, fans have seen him on a large bed for his Cherry Bomb tour, running against a wind storm on his BET Hip Hop Awards performance, and standing at the dock during his 2021 Lollapalooza set in Chicago. No matter if it’s an arena or a festival, rest assured that the visual experience will be one of the best that fans will ever witness.

Aside from the stage design and the performance itself, Tyler always makes it his initiative to connect with the fans in between songs or during the quieter moments of the show. Whether that be to tell a funny story, give insight and background information of the song he’s about to perform or to make fun of fans in the crowd, Tyler is effortlessly funny and always keeps the crowd entertained even while he’s not running around on stage.

Many key moments have come from Tyler’s performances in the past. During his 2018 performance of “Who Dat Boy,” Tyler stopped the song right before the beat drops to make fun of the crowd for having too many moshpits instead of just making one big one. Another iconic moment would be during his 2019 set at his Camp Flog Gnaw festival, he calls out the crowd for not singing loud enough during his performance of “Boredom”. This clip was used as the intro to Lil Uzi Vert’s “Futsal Shuffle 2020.

During his “Call Me If You Get Lost” tour, more iconic moments were created by Tyler. The introduction to his song “LUMBERJACK” song starts off with him telling the story about a car, which then leads into the opening line of the song, “Rolls Royce pull up, black boy hop out”. During “SWEET“, Tyler hops aboard a boat and glides through the middle of the crowd as he dances and vibes out to the song. With the sea of fans surrounding him, it almost looks as if the fans are holding up the boat. Aside from the songs themselves, Tyler yells at a fan for throwing their phone up on stage and proceeds to tell the crowd to boo the person that threw it, all in good fun of course.

Aside from Tyler’s performance itself, the opening acts put on stellar performances as well. Teezo Touchdown gets into character in front of a garage backdrop with tools and all during his set. Vince staples kept his set simple and to the point and let off his iconic “Norf Norf” performance as red and blue lights let off under the stage, mimicking those of a police car. Kali Uchis’ set was amazing as well, as her set starts off with her tied down and her backup dancers come to release her and perfectly align with her the entire night. During her Miami performance, she even brought out Don Toliver as they both performed their smash hit “Drugs N Hella Melodies.”

The “Call Me If You Get Lost Tour” is coming to an end very soon, with the remaining tour dates of cities like Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Amongst Tyler’s extraordinary vision, a superb opening lineup, and theatrics the entire show, it’s one that you do not want to miss at all.