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4TheFans: Drain Gang takes over Globe Theater in LA

What does it mean to be a Drainer? “For me, it’s like a family atmosphere,” a fan told OGM host Emwell in line for Drain Gang’s recent Los Angeles show.

While the Stockholm-bred collective has become notorious for their niche underground sound — curated by members in Bladee, ThaiBoy Digital, Ecco2k and Whitearmor — each artist brings something otherwordly and unique to the table.

Combining for a genre-less soundscape and a fan base that reflects the group’s dedication to their craft, Drain Gang has not only become a cultural phenomenon over the last decade, but a staple in hip-hop’s “cloud rap” culture. Associated acts in Swedish superstar Yung Lean and Gud further bolstered the collective’s standing as one of music’s most tantalizing acts, as Emwell and company scoured the lines to catch up with fans during Drain Gang’s April 10 show at the Globe Theater in LA.

Highlighting tons of personalities, feel-good stories and appreciation for Drain Gang’s impact in the game, our latest episode of 4TheFans is all about self-expression. “[Being a Drainer] literally means to be yourself. It’s ethereal, heavenly and it means to love everyone… it’s a lifestyle.”

Watch Drain Gang’s 4TheFans below!