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AFN Peso Interview: LA native continues to ‘trust the process,’ reaching for ‘New Heights’

South Central native and rising talent AFN Peso is on the come-up as one of the West Coast’s hottest rappers.

Building on his well-respected reputation in the LA rap scene, Peso continues to solidify his presence in the new wave — garnering highly coveted co-signs to selling out his first-ever show in Los Angeles.

Off the back of his latest album New Heights, Peso has curated an ethereal West Coast sound all his own. The album is all about prosperity — and since the release of Back on Bullshit and The Real Thing — Peso has done just that, spitting with a refined presence that asserts growth and maturity stemming from his previous work.

Detailing his humble beginnings at his grandmother’s house, Peso speaks on the inner workings of his creative and business approach to music, further demonstrating his “lead by example mentality” in every regard. Well-spoken and down-to-earth, Peso is a true product of his environment — continuing to shine as an inspiring West Coast artist committed to “trusting the process.”

With a vision to achieve “New Heights,” the sky’s the limit for the buzzing LA rapper, as AFN Peso sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss New Heights, J. Cole, inspirations, Youtube beats, trusting the process, selling out his first show and more in his Our Generation Music exclusive.

Watch AFN Peso’s OGM exclusive interview below!

Time Stamps

  • 1:38 Back at grandma’s house where AFN Peso’s career kicked off
  • 2:00 AFN Peso grew up in South Central and its all he knows
  • 2:24 What AFN Peso learned from growing up South Central
  • 3:15 Playing Football growing up
  • 6:30 When AFN Peso started recording music
  • 8:46 First Show ever in LA sold out
  • 10:07 The emotions ahead of his first show
  • 11:24 Where AFN Peso’s mentality and approach to life comes from
  • 12:30 The importance of a teamwork mentality
  • 16:15 The name AFN Peso
  • 17:29 Linking with RonRon the Producer
  • 18:41 How AFN Peso first locked in with Shoreline Mafia
  • 20:29 Being a fan of J. Cole and his inspiration on AFN Peso’s career
  • 22:40 “Boy Please”
  • 23:50 What AFN Peso listened to growing up
  • 24:00 Young Jeezy Thug Motivation 101 – Favorite album
  • 24:30 The type of people AFN Peso looks upto
  • 25:10 One Month clean off the Lean
  • 26:50 Getting into Audiobooks to get up on his intellectual side
  • 27:43 Who does AFN Peso want to be and that personal discovery – If Today was your last day, would you be ok with everything in your life
  • 29:50 The importance of cutting ties with those who do not share the same discipline and vision as you
  • 31:20 The Focus on his current goals – and taking it Day to Day
  • 31:38 Setting up Touring
  • 32:58 New Heights
  • 33:36 AFN Peso’s creative process & beat selection
  • 34:10 The Youtube beat and buying
  • 35:10 The motivation leading into AFN Peso’s recording schedule
  • 37:30 Punching in vs. Writing on his records
  • 38:53 Travis Scott
  • 40:52 Brands AFN Peso is a fan of
  • 42:25 Where does AFN Peso see himself 5 years from now
  • 43:15 Favorite Movie, Casino
  • 44:26 Message For Our Generation