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Autumn! Interview: SoundCloud’s next underground pioneer

As a rising trendsetter in hip-hop’s underground, Autumn! (aka twinuzis) hasn’t let anything slow him down over the years. With his sights set on making music he’s passionate about, Autumn! isn’t the unoriginal type — further defining his eclectic new wave sound with each new release.

The Lafayette, Louisiana native details his hard-earned momentum built on the Soundcloud platform — catapulting himself into the conversation of “next up” out of the Underground. Kickstarting his career in the hopes to connect with his big brother, Autumn! speaks on his introductory steps that led to his full immersion into producing his own music, helping him become one of the underground’s most versatile producer-rappers.

While his demand on the production front continued to build, Autumn! picked up the pace behind the mic, as he was inspired and motivated to record by his closest collaborators. Autumn! also sheds light on the dark side of music, speaking on his bouts with mental health as the chaos ensues — now having a tighter grip on his sonic wheel.

Recently releasing his album “Golden Child, Chapter 1,” Autumn!’s knack for creating melodic hooks over hard plugg production further demonstrates his rise in the new wave. Recently dropping his single “Monster” July 19, Autumn! looks to keep things rolling — not only understanding the need to uphold the appreciation around his music and catalog, but also demonstrates a high level of maturity and humility in his artistic development.

As his star methodically rises, Autumn! sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his moniker as twiuzis, his collaborations with Lil Tecca, summrs and more in his Our Generation exclusive interview.

  • 1:31 The Underground is Back & Can’t Count Soundcloud Out
  • 2:45 Where the name Autumn came from
  • 4:00 Speaking on twinuzis as his producer name
  • 5:42 When twinuzis / Autumn started producing
  • 6:03 Why twinuzis got into producing music
  • 6:40 Jumping into rapping
  • 7:30 Being called 30 years old
  • 8:00 Go to with his production & producing on Reason
  • 9:40 Googling 808 MAFIA drum kit for his sounds
  • 10:24 The hardest thing twinuzis had to master in the production side of his music career
  • 12:00 Seeing young teenagers entering into the production game and being successful
  • 12:10 Shout out Majins
  • 14:40 Self-taught piano player and taking music theory in high school
  • 15:54 Drake’s influence
  • 17:20 Being from Crowley, Louisiana and from the same city as ssgkobe
  • 17:44 Producers Autumn! / Twinuzis was inspired be
  • 20:00 Making Plugg beats and the evolution of a plugg beat
  • 21:00 The science behind the beat making and what’s the creative process for Autumn!
  • 21:30 Only recording at his crib, and needing his space to be peaceful & quiet
  • 23:00 Autumn! Writing process & recording process
  • 24:00 Punching in during his recordings
  • 25:43 Story behind “Still the Same”
  • 28:33 Finding inspiration from some random moments in his day
  • 29:22 twinuzis / Autumn! x Lil Tecca
  • 31:30 Latest project “Golden Child”
  • 32:20 The ups & downs of this music career
  • 33:50 Issues with Trolling & the dark side of music
  • 37:00 Latest project was a therapeutic release and understanding his music needs to be appreciated
  • 38:18 Message for Our Generation