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Big Scarr Interview: Buzzing 1017 signee doesn’t let hype cloud his judgement

As we enter a new era of Gucci Mane’s 1017 label imprint, Big Scarr is looking to make a big splash in the new wave. Coming off the success of his hit single “Frozone,” the Memphis rapper has a penchant for hard-hitting beats and quick flows that instantly set him apart from his peers.

As Gucci continues to shine the spotlight on his new signees, Big Scarr has amassed quite a following in a short amount of time. Prior to signing under 1017, Scarr had only been rapping for a couple of months. His first song to do major numbers was “Make a Play” — a bouncy Memphis banger filled with classic sounds of the South.

While Scarr is experiencing more success off the back of his debut album with 1017, Big Grim Reaper, he says he has little time to relax between shows, touring, club appearances and recording.

With a work ethic unhinged with hustle, Scarr just released the deluxe to Big Grim Reaper: The Return this past weekend (Feb. 25), continuing to assert his stake as one of the South’s most underrated rising stars.

Although his gangsta rap persona is built from his life experiences, his demeanor throughout the interview shows a goofy character underneath his hard street credibility. Hakeem and Scarr bonded over seeing videos of people crashing their cars (thankfully with no injury) to his aggressive songs. His humility shines through as they laugh about wearing the same clothes, despite having a plethora of options with his newfound success.

His diligence shines through as he tells stories of being incarcerated as he blew up — unfortunately getting shot prior to recording his verse on “SoIcyBoyz” amid other unprecedented challenges on his journey.

While his career only continues to ascend, he told OGM host Hakeem Rowe rapping is in his short-term view. Eventually, Scarr seeks to branch out to other business ventures, sitting down with Hakeem to discuss all this and more during his OGM excluisve interview, Scarr finds solace in being true to himself as a “regular” person and budding artist all at once.

Watch Big Scarr’s interview below!

Quotable Moments

Hakeem: You have another mentor in your life, you’re signed to Gucci Mane. How does it feel to be co-signed by such a legend?

Big Scarr: “This my mama favorite artist, so I been seeing this all my life. It’s real special to me because I never thought I would be able to experience no s*** like that. We used to bump “745” every night.”

H: How did [“SoIcyBoyz 2”] come about?

BS: “Me and [Pooh Shiesty] we did the song back home [in Memphis]. Pooh recorded his part for the song in the video. While we doing our scenes for the video, he’s doing his verse! Everything off the top. Me and Pooh that’s like Scottie/Jordan.”

H: Can you tell us anything about the new project or anything? How is it going to sound differently from the first one?

BS: “It’s street always, I ain’t gon lie I’m keeping this s*** gutter at every point. I can’t change, you gonna feel it though. This s*** crack to people, like people go hard for my music. If I go Live [on Instagram], they finna screen record the whole Live just to see if I play a song.”