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Bizzy Banks Interview: NYC up-and-comer shines brighter in the spotlight

Bizzy Banksascent to stardom didn’t come overnight — rather, it came with poise, self-determination and a life-long calling for the craft.

In a “divine” turn of events, Banks walked into his first college class late with a gut feeling. When the professor asked if he was supposed to be there, he simply replied “no” and walked towards greener pastures. It was then that Bizzy realized his true calling: the music.

Inspired by his older brother along with iconic rappers in Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and G Herbo, Bizzy began writing and recording his own energetic freestyles, honing his skills throughout his teenage years.

The 22-year-old rapper’s sound is braggadocious, calculated and raw — fueled by the harsh realities he faced growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Quickly proving to be one of the most important voices in NYC’s drill scene, Bizzy’s infectious sound and distinctive lyricism continues to garner high praise from his peers.

Staying true to his roots, Bizzy Banks rose to the occasion on Pop Smokes posthumous project Faith, spitting his well-beloved track “30” and earning his flowers from Pop prior to his passing. It was a huge moment for Bizzy’s career — taking advantage of the opportunity in every regard.

Before releasing his debut mixtape, “G.M.T.O. (Get Money Take Over) Vol. 1.” in Sept. 2020, Bizzy unveiled a slew of chart-topping singles in “Don’t Start,” “Ready or Not,” and “30” — earning him widespread attention and millions of YouTube views because of it.

Along with dropping his debut album, Same Energy, this past July, the New York native stays humble by straying away from the label-made drill persona and respecting the overall impact music makes all over the world.

As he continues to level up, Bizzy Banks stopped by to sit down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe, speaking on Same Energy, Brooklyn Drill, Pop Smoke, 30, GMTO, “Don’t Start” and more in his Our Generation exclusive interview.

Time Stamps

  • 00:56 Extra Sturdy, what Bizzy Banks does on every song
  • 2:16 Lil Wayne & His favorite version of Wayne and favorite project
  • 5:16 Songs Bizzy Bank trying to sample
  • 5:37 Carter 2 vs. Carter 3
  • 9:28 Music in the household with his brother
  • 10:17 Family’s response to the success
  • 12:56 Experimentation with his sound outside of NY DRILL
  • 15:20 Understanding life is real
  • 16:50 Bizzy Banks before college
  • 17:06 Bizzy Banks first ever conversation on college
  • 19:24 Every night won’t be sweet
  • 19:50 Sobriety before his performances
  • 21:00 Asian Doll in town, 19 shots of liquor
  • 23:20 Smoking weed in 5th grade
  • 27:10 Feeling like an old soul
  • 27:30 Single from 2019 – “Don’t Start” , solidifying
  • 28:10 The wave out of Brooklyn was locking in a duo
  • 29:59 Getting arrested headed to Jail
  • 31:12 Making party turnt up records
  • 33:30 Surreal moments around his music
  • 36:27 RIP POP SMOKE, the relationship with Pop Smoke
  • 39:30 The song “30” feat. Pop Smoke
  • 40:15 Important lesson from Pop Smoke
  • 42:20 The understanding of a posthumous album
  • 45:40 Giving Chief Keef his flowers
  • 46:30 Young Thug “Lifestyle”
  • 47:30 NY DRILL Scene, most essential songs for genre that has propelled the drill scene – being Brooklyn Drill, Big Drip – Welcome to the Party
  • 50:38 Real Rap into NY Drill
  • 51:04 G Herbo shout out
  • 51:23 Creative process on his current projects in motion
  • 52:31 Bandemic and the difference in recording style project to project
  • 1:00:00 Knowing your worth
  • 1:01:00 Message for Our Generation