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Bktherula Interview: Female phenom breaks boundaries with her versatility

For Atlanta-based artist Bktherula, instantly entrancing melodies seem to come naturally. Chasing a feeling rather than the clout, the 18-year-old phenom says she’s more aware than most — wise beyond her years and versatile beyond belief.

“I hope to spread my message across the entire world, that’s why I really make music,” she said. “Motivational speakers can’t get through to everyone, but through music, I can.”

In short, BK is an underground enigma, shining brighter on every track she touches. With over one million Spotify monthly listeners, she’s not only cemented herself in a genre predominantly overran with male acts, but also has curated a unique and enticing sound all her own. On breakout singles in “Tweakin Together,” “Santanny” and “Summer,” her skill-set captivates as soon as listeners press play — singing, spitting and conveying emotion and energy into every verse.

Dripped in sultry, new wave production, BK’s voice is the star of the show — seamlessly combining emo-rap, plugg and punk all into one. Sounding like a fairy tale caught at fever pitch, BK is a refined forced to be recknoned with, as “light,” “okok/depressing” and “Uh Huh” showcase her knack for creating immersive, melody-driven tracks that are not only remembered, but stay on repeat.

Dropping her sophomore LP Nirvana last year, BK has her sights set on the bigger picture. Striving to take her sound to a whole new level, her experimental, alternative pocket allows her to take influence from everywhere. From hardcore grunge to new wave plugg, BK is a savant — able to incorporate and infuse multiple genres into her own sound.

Signing a deal with RCA Records in late-2019, her talent is amplified throughout her discography. Her debut album Love Santana features a plethora of edgy, off-kilt cuts that steal away listeners in a heartbeat. Her latest single “Not Wock” pushes the envelope once more, as BK uniquely flows over the track’s dark, hard-hitting production.

With BK on the come-up as of one the most defiant underground artists, her allure as a female in an emerging genre dominated by young male acts (i.e. SoFaygo, SSGKobe and BabySantana among many others) proves that she’s able to operate at a high-level — taking big-league swings with big-league talent behind her.

As a refined presence in the new wave, Bktherula sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss self-love and respect, Ken Car$on, Earl Sweatshirt, the 5th Dimension and more in this Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Time Stamps

  • 1:57 No features for Bktherula & only way to get the feature is to really be friends first
  • 3:15 Real game on growth
  • 6:15 the love for the futuristic & sci-fi
  • 7:35 favorite game is Cyberpunk
  • 9:01 The Matrix and Magic Mushrooms, Being out the matrix
  • 12:40 the importance of Human Emotion
  • 13:00 Haters
  • 14:30 The Third Dimension, while Bktherula speaks on the 5th Dimension and awareness
  • 16:30 What was Bk listening to growing up inspiring her sound
  • 17:12 Beat Selection
  • 18:50 The science behind Bk’s beat selection
  • 19:30 Bktherula recording process
  • 21:00 Drive to be creative in every way from producing to djing
  • 21:53 Speaking on Bktherula’s father being a rapper in the group Planet X
  • 22:30 School didn’t connect at the time
  • 30:55 Earl Sweatshirt
  • 32:40 Dream collaboration as producer and artist – Tame Impala & Skrillex
  • 37:20 the Importance of the energy into the music is what will be felt
  • 40:20 Good ego vs. Bad ego
  • 42:15 Santanny & SUPAH Mario
  • 44:48 The beauty around insanity and creatives
  • 46:00 Bktherula & Ken Carson
  • 47:32 The upcoming project and what’s the goal