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Cash Cobain Interview: NYC producer strives for greatness on both sides of the booth

New York-bred producer-rapper Cash Cobain isn’t about the cash, he’s about originality in every regard. Dubbed as the newly-crowned “Sample God,” Cobain continues to make waves and turn heads with his eclectic production style and one-of-a-kind producer tag: “This beat from Cash, not from YouTube.”

Hailing from the storied hip-hop city of New York, Cobain keeps the conversation on his hometown providing him the knowledge for his sample-savvy production — collaborating with some of Our Generation’s favorite artists in the process. Accumulating just over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Cobain finds himself in a unique space in the industry — proving his worth on both sides of the recording booth.

Like most producer-rapper enigmas like Pharrell Williams or Hit-Boy, Cobain represents a duality few beatmakers possess — unafraid to take that leap of faith with confidence on their rap careers. Cobain doesn’t even consider himself as one or the other, saying: “I’m just musical. I just love music.”

So far, it’s paid off for Cobain, dropping a handful of singles and two albums in 2021: Nirvana and 719 (Deluxe). Although it may seem Cash got his name and inspirations from the late-Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, there’s no correlation between the artists, saying he “had to at least pay homage” to the fallen icon with an album title, also acknowledging his greatness in the namesake.

Living up to his “Sample God” persona, Cobain details his innovative approach to music, shedding light on his major inspirations that continue to fuel his creative process. Influenced by Kanye West, Pharrell, Metro Boomin, Southside and others, Cobain looks for a certain type of “sexiness” in each sample, striving to make each one better than his last. Locking in with artists like Lucki, Lil Yachty and more, Cobain’s come-up has only just begun.

As he continues to build on his success, Cobain sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss Nirvana, his “Sample God” moniker, “719 Deluxe,” Lil Yachty, the mixtape era, Lucki and much more in this Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Time Stamps

  • 1:04 Cash Cobain’s tag and how it came about
  • 2:38 Just a tag
  • 3:05 Some of Cash Cobain’s favorite producer tags
  • 3:36 Where Cash Cobain name came from
  • 4:10 Cash Cobain “Nirvana” project
  • 4:27 Everyone featured on the project is a personal relationship being “Outside”
  • 5:28 Shout Mgmt – Glyn Brown
  • 6:52 the power of speaking it into existence
  • 7:50 give flowers when they are alive
  • 8:15 sample god , And being a producer first – all about having fun
  • 8:50 Major influences and inspirations
  • 9:56 Aaliyah Rock the Boat
  • 10:30 Get Rich or Die Tryin & 50 Cent
  • 12:55 Favorite producers that impacted Cash Cobain – Pharrell, Kanye, Just Blaze, Scott Storch
  • 13:55 Being Unique
  • 14:14 Metro Boomin, Lex Luger, Southside, Zaytoven – current legends influencing Cash Cobain’s production style
  • 15:35 all of his production credits, what’s his favorite – Shawny binladen “Video Soul”
  • 17:44 How long does it take to make a beat
  • 17:55 The necessary ingredients for Cash Cobain to run a sample and beat – the bounce And “sexiness”
  • 18:35 Cash Cobain’s formula and recipe
  • 19:23 FL Studios gang – FL 11
  • 22:30 Relationship with Lil Yachty , meeting in Atlanta
  • 23:07 Locked in with jetsonmade & Lil Yachty in Atlanta
  • 25:05 Bringing mixtapes back
  • 26:55 Working with lucki
  • 29:00 Perspective on Type Beats and YouTube beats
  • 31:15 Thoughts on Fan engagement and accessibility
  • 33:51 Social Media creating problems rather than solving them
  • 38:42 When DSP’s put the lights out on mixtapes
  • 39:14 Issues with clearances
  • 40:42 Message for our generation