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Gallery: Jean Dawson turns Chicago into his own sanctuary

Photos courtesy of John Cotter

Jean Dawson brought audiences closer to himself than ever with his latest album, CHAOS NOW*. That lingering asterisk at the end there was something that perplexed me, wondering if there is some context amiss that I hadn’t encountered, as if I was maybe missing part of the Jean Dawson experience.

After attending the CHAOS NOW* Tour, I realize that experiencing the album in person was the missing link that truly characterizes the themes of unabashed self-expression and how we define ourselves. Jean paraded around stage with a full live band, using his microphone stand as a prop of sorts, reaching it out into the audience and making the audience just as integral of a part of the show as he is.

Check out a photo gallery of the show below!

“I just want people to feel welcome. Whether you’re f*cking rich, poor, gay, straight, anything in between, I want people to feel welcome; to feel like they’re in a safe space and they don’t have to be a certain thing to like a certain thing. You can be everything that you are, as multidimensional as you want, and at least you know that there are some artists that don’t care either way.”

Jean Dawson to OGM

Opening for Jean Dawson was the electrifying LA duo Junior Varsity, who are absolutely worth showing up a bit early to see. There were fan-made masks and crowd-surfing kids galore, amplifying the crowd for the glimmering greatness that was soon to come.