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Iayze Interview: Rising Texas star’s dedication to his craft is unmatched

Although it may seem like some artists just blow up overnight, that’s just simply not the reality of it. Most of the time, artists struggle for years to get their music off the ground.

However, where there is diligence, there’s reward, as Texas-based rapper Iayze is a testament to the intense grind it takes to succeed in today’s industry.

Iayze, pronounced “Jace,” is currently one of the hottest musicians coming up out of The Lone Star State. Dropping his latest EP Red Faction on Dec. 15, Iayze asserts his ambitions in his melodically visceral wordplay — displaying a vast array of versatility and “abstract” nature within his music.

Much like his previous 2021 effort Be The Best, he maintains a realness in his art, speaking on substance abuse, relationships, traumatic events and his overall emotions that come from that trauma or happiness.

Staying focused on the music, he wowed listeners in 2021 with his undying commitment to the craft, as the young star drop an impressive seven projects over the year. The 18-year-old has nearly 28,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has accumulated millions of plays across his SoundCloud page. He often collaborates with artists like KanKan, Slump6s, Summrs, as well as possible tracks with SSGKobe in the near future.

While Iayze is still in the early stages of his career, he’s had a lot of growing up moments in the past year. The teen-rapper welcomed a daughter into his life, signed to a major label, moved out on his own, is focusing on money management to help his family and most importantly, give his daughter a good life — all while curating a unique sound and staying inspired to deliver high-quality music.

The burgeoning engima definitely has a lot on his plate, but if he continues to stay focused and motivated, there’s no doubt he’ll be right alongside hip-hop’s new wave stars sooner rather than later. Until then, he sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on his album “Be the Best,” Summrs, “Demons,” BabySantana, SSGKobe, signing to a major label and more in his Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Watch IAYZE’s exclusive interview below!

Quotable Moments

Hakeem Rowe: The Cover (of Demons) says “Iayze such a dope artist but I can tell bro got demons he fighting that he hasn’t beaten yet I’m praying for the best for dawg.” I can tell man… Seem like you got some demons on you man...

Iayze: “I’ll say f*ck this rap sh*t in a minute… I’ll snap back, regardless, whatever the case may be. Like I said, people come to my momma’s house, don’t disturb my family. I’ll act like I never rapped in my life, you feel me? I’ll act like I got nothing to live for once people start trying to poke at me and stuff.”

HR: You’ve collaborated with KanKan, you’re going to make music with Kobe, who else do you want to work with? Who are some of your idols?

Iayze: “Right now, you know, thank God but everybody I’ve wanted to work with so far, I’ve already worked with. So right now, it’s just bigger than SoundCloud at this point. I just did a song with Xanman already, got a song already made with SG Batman, so I’m trying to go higher than SoundCloud now. Whatever can come and whatever is realistic. You feel me? Whatever pops in my mind, like oh I could work with this person, I’ll be on my way to go work with that person because I’m trying to go the mainstream way.”

HR: You were just independent. How are you liking the label situation? Because that’s ultimately backing to help you become a star.

Iayze: “I actually f*ck with it… A lot of people be like f*ck that sh*t, f*ck that sh*t… But like, there’s a lot of things I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m like man I wish I had the money for it. You know? Before, I was making like over five bands a month when I was independent, but all that had to go to living and stuff. Like taking care of my mom and stuff, putting food on the table. So once I started getting with a label they were able to get me a feature from whoever I want, get me a video, they linked me up and got me the DotComNirvan video.”