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Kalan.FrFr Interview: Roc Nation artist finds inspiration, growth from his peers

Since his college days, Kalan.FrFr has been a student of the game in more ways than one.

Growing up as a highly-touted football recruit from Compton, California, he enrolled at San Diego State University in 2013 to play defensive back for their Division I program. While using hip-hop as a side hobby, Kalan struggled to get playing time after red-shirting his Freshman season. He would eventually ditch the gridiron and soon would begin buzzing around campus as a blossoming name in music.

Kalan would go from performing at house parties in college to opening for artists such as Young Thug, thanks to his close relationship with prominent DJ and A&R Bar1ne. Around this time, he also began cultivating a relationship with Our Generation Music’s very own Hakeem Rowe.

Partnered with Roc Nation Records, and speaking on inspirations in both Jay-Z and Kanye West, Kalan’s potential as one of the industry’s budding stars is beginning to take shape. Outwardly versatile, Kalan prides himself on being able to tap into his introspective side.

On tracks like “Never Lose You” off his debut album TwoFr 2 and subsequent July deluxe, Kalan’s immersive artistry is seen right at the surface. He is also commited to balancing his sound with bangers like his 2020 hit “Scoring” as well as “Right Wit It” produced by emerging LA rapper/producer and childhood friend Blxst.

Kalan’s come-up with many of his current colleagues helped inspire him to continue leveling up in music. A shining example of his progress is when he sold out LA’s Novo in 2019 — a venue where he used to buy and sell tickets before his career took off.

While Kalan.FrFr looks to keep developing his sound, he took the time to chat with longtime friend and OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his come-up, his inspirations, financial security, the evolution of his recent project and more in his Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Quotable Moments

Hakeem: You recently released TwoFr 2. What was the process recording that? Because I know some of it was done during the pandemic.

Kalan. FrFr: “Last year, it was really supposed to be another mixtape called Hoochie Hotline. I’m the Hoochie whisperer. And you can say “hoochie” on the radio. I made the song “Hoochie” a while ago, and the little snippet was going viral. So I’m like, ‘Man, I’m gonna just make a mixtape for the hooches. Fuck it, all vibes. That’s when I recorded “Big Dog” and “Ain’t No Fun” and all tat shit around the same time, and it was supposed to be called Hoochie Hotline. But shit just kept happening so it could never drop. Then they were like ‘Let’s steer away from making it based on women.’ Because it was going to be for girls, you feel me? For Hoochie Hotline I actually did skits and all types of shit for it. I had girls call in and you had to tell me what makes you a hoochie.”

HR: You just announced your tour. What’s it going to look like? You’ve been on the road before, what are you looking forward to seeing again?

KF: “Well this is my first time going on the road for me. I always went as tour support. So this is my first time getting paid to go on tour. I used to pay to go on tour. We not doing that no more. This is way better. This is all new. I’m treating it like it’s new because it’s about me now.”

HR: Who are you looking forward to working with that you haven’t worked with yet? Producer or artist wise.

KF: “I want to work with Brent (Faiyaz). I fuck with Cash Kidd, I want to work with Cash Kidd. Of course I want to work with (Young) Thug. I want to work with Future. I really want to work with Pharrell. On both sides, production and I want to do a song with him. Whoever really wants to work. I like good music. I sent a song to Paul Wall. I believe in music. Good music lasts forever.”

Time Stamps

  • 0:42 Hakeem’s first encounter with Kalan
  • 3:06 Kalan’s gaining engineering experience in college
  • 3:50 Hakeem’s impaction his career
  • 4:54 Balancing school, football and music
  • 6:12 When Kalan gave up his dream of playing professional football
  • 8:22 Difficulty of having a football career
  • 9:57 Stephen A. Smith
  • 10:38 How his rap career started gaining momentum
  • 12:01 Why he doesn’t like going to the club
  • 12:38 His first successful sold-out show
  • 13:38 BAR1NE helping him open up for Young Thug
  • 15:15 How people at his school began to take his rap career seriously
  • 15:53 His mom’s support
  • 17:16 His history of jerking
  • 19:24 Early inspirations
  • 20:55 Potentially working with Too $hort
  • 21:41 Making TwoFr 2 and how it was originally titled Hoochie Hotline
  • 24:25 Dropping “Scoring”
  • 25:32 When Hakeem knew “Scoring” would be a hit
  • 26:57 Success of “Right Wit It”
  • 27:18 Relationship with Blxst
  • 28:05 Getting caught up making trap music
  • 29:50 Studio session with Chris O’Bannon
  • 31:04 His creative process
  • 32:03 Manifesting his success
  • 32:53 How Hakeem inspired him
  • 34:22 God’s timing
  • 35:33 Being mindful of signs that come in life
  • 37:07 Staring with rap as a hobby
  • 37:39 His work ethic
  • 39:17 Being financially literate
  • 42:14 Yo Gotti’s success
  • 44:00 Going on tour
  • 45:10 Selling out the Novo in Los Angeles
  • 45:35 Relationship with 24Hrs
  • 47:39 Upcoming performance at Day N Vegas
  • 47:53 Relationship with Hakeem
  • 49:02 Admiration for Tyler, The Creator
  • 50:50 Kalan helping Hakeem meet Drake
  • 52:19 Working with Roy Woods
  • 52:38 Working with producer Bankroll Got It
  • 52:54 Who he is looking forward to working with
  • 54:31 Kalan’s message for Our Generation