KanKan Interview: Dallas producer-rapper rides success of newfound rap career

KanKan definitely knows a thing or two about the grind to success. As a bubbling new wave voice with uncanny bars and chart-topping production, KanKan is the epitome of a “do it yourself” artist.

Inspired by Speaker Knockerz and rising from SoundCloud’s next generation, the Dallas native’s start as a producer was extremely fruitful — securing placements with Lil Pump and Famous Dex (“Talkin Shit”) and Smokepurpp (“Fuck a Swisher”) at the height of their underground stardom.

Setting his sights on impacting the game his way, KanKan is breaking down barriers at the frontlines of the underground. Previously making a name for himself working with ThouxanbanFauni, KanKan eventually took his talents to the recording booth — where initially, he rapped as a “joke.”

“I started rapping about two years ago, and at first, it was like a joke,” he said. “I posted a poll on my story saying if I should hop in the booth. Everybody said yes, I did it, and I was like, ‘this shit is fun.’ Then I did another one, and it just kept going from there.”

Releasing a steady string of singles over the course of 2021, KanKan has built up quite the discography. His highest streamed single “Goin To Hell” embodies his artistry perfectly — brash, bold and unafraid to take risks. On his recent EPs Oxy & Codeine and ##B4RR, KanKan continues to develop his sound with rage-filled finesse — looking forward to releasing new music in the near future.

While KanKan emits a refreshing level of originality, his music is more than how it sounds at the surface. With a complex progression and years of experience working in Logic Pro X, KanKan is already poised to become one of the underground’s most sought after producer-rappers. Simply put, there’s nothing he “Kan’t” do.

KanKan sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss “Goin’ to Hell,” summrs, Autumn!, Speaker Knockerz, Trippie Redd, “Nun 2 Me” and more in this Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

  • 0:50 KanKan speaks on his first ever show in Houston
  • 1:26 “Goin to Hell” being the fan favorite at the show
  • 2:22 Kicking off music on the production side
  • 2:40 Inspired by Speaker Knockerz
  • 3:15 Using logic and staying the course to not call it quits so early
  • 3:47 Production extensions
  • 4:44 Humbling himself on the production side staying clear of an ego
  • 5:26 Producing the Lil Pump single leading to the Cole Bennett music video
  • 5:55 Born & Raised in Dallas, Texas
  • 6:15 Growing up in Dallas, Texas & what he did for fun
  • 8:15 KanKan barely remembering his childhood
  • 8:45 First started smoking weed
  • 9:50 Who inspired KanKan to make music & what was he listening to
  • 11:40 When KanKan first started making music
  • 14:00 Cooking steaks & shrimp on percs
  • 16:00 Eating Healthy
  • 16:10 Drinking lean occasionally & his first time sippin
  • 17:00 KanKan’s current intake on drugs
  • 18:55 Kicking the cup and quitting lean
  • 19:24 Staying Active
  • 20:33 Meeting Summrs & Autumn!
  • 22:40 Dream Collaboration being Future
  • 25:30 The end of Slay World
  • 26:40 KanKan vlog with Trippie Redd
  • 27:11 The song “Nun 2 Me”
  • 27:30 KanKan beat selection and his producers
  • 28:32 Fractions prod. Jetsonmade & Neeko
  • 29:10 RIP VINO
  • 29:55 KanKan’s Creative process
  • 31:33 The thought behind his project titles
  • 32:30 Sending unreleased music to fans
  • 33:10 KanKan & ssgkobe
  • 35:28 Label vs. Artist
  • 35:55 KanKan 5 years from now
  • 37:22 why the young wave of artists are hitting their stride
  • 38:25 Message for Our Generation

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