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KA$HDAMI Q&A: ‘WD is all evolution for me’

Taking over the world is a tall order for many, but KA$HDAMI makes WORLD DAMINATION look easy.

The DMV rapper’s proper full-length debut, which released on Sept. 16, is in all parts an evolution for the 17-year-old budding star. Continuing to earn his flowers from rap’s more seasoned members, DAMI is doing it all on his own terms, as WD sees the pluggnb phenom mature his sound and likeness for the better.

Recently traveling to Toronto, Brazil and “the world,” KA$H’s emotions and experiences while abroad fed into the overall vibe of WD’s creative process. “I really feel like I’m on some ‘WORLD DAMINATION’ shit,” he said, alluding to the inspiration he’s garnered in his travels.

Age is just a number for the young KA$HDAMI, though, explaining how “people love to discredit or downplay the impact and influence” he and his new wave peers have. Bringing on fellow DMV natives like ILYFALL and XLOVCLO as well as midwxst and NoCap, he says these doubters don’t “do anything else but motivate me” — proving naysayers wrong at every turn on WD.

Overall, the album is a refined showcasing of DAMI’s smooth lyrical ability. A sonic wanderlust of KA$H’s worldly adventures, tracks like “kompany,” “less than me,” “no lovin,” “u&I” and “wifi” elicit a heightened underground experience — allowing him to flesh out different pockets of his patented, dripped-out cadence.

Learning to use more range by way of a deeper vocal register, the “bag chaser” knows how refreshing WD sounds in the new wave. Injecting the underground with ambient 8-bit beats, DAMI’s focused punchline bars and melodic production style ultimately steal the show for new and old listeners alike. “The wave is growing up,” he pointed out. “Everybody is trying to get they own respect and it’s beautiful to see.”

What’s more beautiful is seeing KA$HDAMI come into his own. Two years after epiphany (2020) blew up — and snagging a Trippie Redd co-sign on hypernova (2021) — the world is DAMI’s to conquer from here on out. He caught up with us to chat about his latest album ‘WORLD DAMINATION’ and much more in our latest OGM editorial exclusive.

Listen to ‘WD’ below!

This conversation has been lightly edited for clarity.

JB: Aside from the projects you’ve already dropped, a debut album is that first huge step into mainstream territory. What are some of your feelings surrounding the release of ‘WD’ and what can you say about the music fans hear on the record?

DAMI: “The music on ‘WORLD DAMINATION’ is refreshing. My voice been getting deeper and I’ve been learning to use more of my range. So I’ve just been on some experimental shit mixed with the ambient vibes. All these songs are different points of my emotions these past few months and the mixes are way more clear than most of my previous music.”

JB: ‘WORLD DAMINATION’ is such a clever title. It not only ties into your name, but I assume it plays into your ascension or “takeover” in the game. What made you decide to name your debut ‘WD’ and what does it mean to you?

DAMI: “Definitely. The sound and the mindset around ‘WD’ is all evolution for me. I’ve been traveling a lot these past few months — I really feel like I’m on some ‘WORLD DAMINATION’ shit. From Toronto to Brazil to the whole country basically. Each project I make is like an era, so when I start a the project, it’s the story around that era, and when I drop, it’s the end of that era. Everything after it is the mindset around that era.”

JB: You and Kenji just linked up for his ‘ABH’ banger “KILL EM FOR ME.” What are your thoughts on the evolution of the new wave from what it was in 2020 to now? Especially with those you’ve collaborated with in the past year?

DAMI: “Kenji is so fire to me. He’s one of my favorite artists to work with — he got mad talent. The wave is growing up. Everybody is trying to get they own respect and it’s beautiful to see.

JB: If you had to name two of your biggest inspirations in pursuing music, who would they be and why?

DAMI: “I couldn’t pick two but I will say Michael Jackson made me want to pursue music. I’d have to say Duwap Kaine and XXXTentacion made me fall in love with the creative process of my music.

JB: Do you feel as though you’ve been doubted because of your age? What are some challenges you’ve faced in your climb to success as a teen artist?

DAMI: “Yes of course. Because of my age, people love to discredit or downplay the impact and influence I and many of my peers have. That doesn’t do anything else but motivate me.

JB:  For fans who are unfamiliar with you or your work, how would you describe your sound and what do you hope fans take away from your music?

DAMI: “I would describe my overall sound as ambient melodies with grimy 808’s and lyrics, but I wouldn’t just box in my sound. I want people to listen to my music and feel euphoric or ready to rage.”

JB: You’re putting on for the DMV in a huge way along with TyFontaine, Redveil and many others. How important are your roots as it relates to ‘WD’ both socially and personally?

DAMI: “Veil and Ty are both the boys, for real. I love the DMV, this shit my home. Even though I traveled a lot this year for ‘WORLD DAMINATION,’ the DMV is the first world I grew to love. So, I had to include some of the upcoming artists I see potential in like ilyFall & xlovclo. Personally, though, this project was just about growing up and evolving.

JB: Where does ‘WD’ rank compared to your previous albums in ‘epiphany’ and ‘hypernova’? What does this ‘WD’ moment mean to you and how important is it for you at this point in your career? What separates this album from everything else that’s dropping right now?

DAMI: “Personally ‘WD’ is No. 1 for me right now. Every once in a while my list changes up, but I don’t really listen to anything other than ‘WD’ besides when I perform. Still love those projects dearly, but as I get older, I feel I only get better and more in control of my voice. My earlier sound was just too simple for the frequency I’m on right now.

JB: What’s your message for Our Generation?

DAMI: “My message to our generation is to always do YOU. Don’t ever let any person, place, or thing, ever deter you from your goals.”

Check out KA$HDAMI’s OGM Live below!