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Lil Candy Paint Interview: SoundCloud veteran feels wise beyond his years

When the underground began developing its reputation on SoundCloud in the mid-2010s, Lil Candy Paint was at the forefront of that movement.

Growing up in Chicago and moving to Atlanta to further his music career, Candy Paint’s journey thus far can be split into chapters based on his standout moments. His songs “INTERNET THUG” and “Never Change,” which blew up on SoundCloud in 2016, helped first establish his initial cult following.

As he started collaborating with fellow Georgia native and SoundCloud icon Duwap Kaine, his fanbase only grew from there. Then in 2018, his next surge commenced as he made noise with tracks like his WORLDSTAR hit “Stars” and “Sleep at Night,” as well as dropping his first album Revenge On My Enemies.

From that point on, Lil Candy Paint consistently released projects and collaborated with artists and video directors adjacent to him. Linking with D. Savage on their hit “No Pitty” from his May 2020 deluxe album EVERYTHANG PURPLE, and DotComNirvan for his “Wassup” music video, Candy Paint’s sound is an aura to behold.

Now, Candy Paint is in a unique moment of his career — preparing to drop his upcoming album Kage. Holding fans over with singles in “ATM” (produced by Lil Tecca) and a recent three-song EP titled Love and Lies, Candy is particularly focused on creating something extremely special with Kage.

As we await his new project’s arrival, Lil Candy Paint sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his OG status among new wave rappers, his collective OCA, dream collaborators and his passion for cooking in this Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Quotable Moments

Hakeem: You’ve been dropping a lot of singles lately and you also had a three song EP this year. What’s up with just dropping these EPs and singles instead of a project?

Lil Candy Paint: “Some songs I fucked with, so we just dropped them. Everything else just wasn’t in our rollout plan so we just dropped them. A little extra music. I got so much unreleased music. It’s just about picking out out the songs. Finding the perfect 11 songs. I’m really taking my time and going back into everything.”

H: What would you attribute to having longevity in the game?

LCP: “Staying myself. I never tried to be under another n****’s wing. Just me. Basically staying as me. I always say, ‘I don’t be hanging out with n****s, n****s be hanging out with me.’”

H: Where does Lil Candy Paint see himself five years from now?

LCP: “In five years I might be big as fuck. I think I’m gonna be big as fuck in five years. 2023 I think I’m gonna be really straight. That’s the year.”

Time Stamps

  • 3:00 James Harden
  • 3:30 Lil B
  • 5:55 Be yourself and originality
  • 6:20 OCA , overcome anything
  • 6:45 Inspiration from Asap
  • 7:00 Members of OCA
  • 8:00 Soundcloud reposts and supporting major success stories
  • 9:10 Signing producers
  • 9:30 Being a gatekeeper
  • 10:12 What’s Up Video with Nirvan
  • 11:20 Staying independent
  • 12:05 Create Music
  • 12:30 Wanting to sign a major deal
  • 13:05 D Savage
  • 17:14 Welcoming the idea of being an OG
  • 22:00 Rooting on the next wave and youth
  • 26:00 Feelings on the music game right now
  • 28:20 Industry Plants
  • 30:40 Dropping singles, “Thumbs”, Love & Lies – theory behind the EP’s
  • 31:40 Taking his time on releasing a project album
  • 31:58 Cage
  • 32:12 What do you want to accomplish with Cage, Apple Chart topping
  • 34:48 Sad Story
  • 43:20 Message for Our Generation Music