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Our Generation pays tribute to late-Dallas rapper Lil Loaded

Dallas rapper Lil Loaded passed away at age 20.

Dashawn Maurice Robertson, better known as Lil Loaded, passed away suddenly May 31.

The Dallas native had begun making noise in the the game in mid-2019, when he dropped his single “6locc 6a6y.” The upbeat song over a simple piano-infused instrumental was carried by Loaded’s energy and aggressive verses.

Shortly after in December 2019 he would release his first mixtape 6locc 6a6y, also including the song “Gang Unit,” which would see YG hop on the remix half a year later. YG’s blood affiliation and Lil Loaded’s crip affiliation were pushed aside to create this banger as Loaded raps in the hook:

Dance to this bitch if you gangbang (Bitch)

I don’t give a fuck if we don’t bang the same thing (Crip)

“Gang Unit [Remix] (Featuring YG)” — Lil Loaded

To kick off 2020, Lil Loaded linked up with the late King Von for the single “Avatar.” This would only be the beginning to an impactful year for the blossoming rapper.

NLE Choppa would hop on the “6locc 6a6y [Remix]” bringing more attention to the track that boosted Loaded’s career in the first place.

Later that year, Lil Loaded would release his debut studio album A Demon in 6lue, which would be the ultimate showcase of Loaded’s catalog up until that point.

It included singles he had released prior such as “6locc 6a6y (feat. NLE Choppa) [Remix],” “Gang Unit (feat. YG) [Remix],” “Narco,” “To The Max,” and “Every Time We Step” — one of Lil Loaded’s most impressive songs due to his harmonious background vocals, uncharacteristic singing and ferocious bars.

My clip longer than Giannis

I’ma shoot it, I promise (I promise)

His bitch got trained like she Thomas

I just keep workin’ and grindin’

“Every Time We Step” — Lil Loaded

A Demon in 6lue is where Lil Loaded elevated his music and stepped outside of his comfort zone with versatile choruses and strong songwriting. This is evident on the song “While I’m Here” featuring Polo G, where he soulfully spits on the hook:

Show love while I’m here, don’t wait until I’m dead

“While I’m Here (Featuring Polo G)” — Lil Loaded

Thankfully, Lil Loaded was allowed to see the love his fans showed him before he passed. Six days before he died, “6locc 6a6y” received a RIAA Gold certification.

This was surely a bright spot after the past few months Loaded had faced. While recording a music video in November, he had accidentally shot one of his close friends Khalil Walker. Walker would eventually die after being rushed to the hospital, and Loaded would eventually turn himself in to authorities. He would be charged with murder, and posted to Instagram declaring his innocence.

The charge would eventually be downgraded to manslaughter in March due to the nature of the accident. However, this would still be a tragic event in the life of Lil Loaded.

Two months later, Lil Loaded would take his own life. He posted a story to Instagram the night before his death talking to God asking for forgiveness for his shortcomings.

His suicide was reportedly motivated by his girlfriend’s infidelity. However, it’s tough to see inside the mind of a man who had gone through so much hardship.

Lil Loaded was a talented young artist with a bright future ahead of him. He had only begun to grow as a musician, as the trials and tribulations of his personal life sadly led to his demise. He loved his fans and appreciated any love that was shown to him.

Stream his music below and continue to support his music, which he dedicated his life’s work to.

Rest In Peace to Lil Loaded.