OhGeesy Interview: West Coast phenom finds solace in solo stardom

As one of LA’s most beloved rising stars, OhGeesy has quickly become a staple of Cali’s signature sound.

The former Shoreline Mafia member has definitely seen his fair share of stardom, however — in preparation for his debut solo album GEEZYWORLD — OhGeesy strives to ascend to a whole other level on his own.

Taking his place as of our generation’s most influential Latino rappers, OhGeesy not only speaks on the crucial lifestyle changes he’s made for the better, but also overcoming writer’s block during the pandemic — striving to make his solo debut as perfect as possible.

Positioning himself to take over, OhGeesy has always pulled his own weight — standing out amongst the crowd with his enigmatic creative process and refined ear for beats. His latest single “Big Bad Wolf” with YG reasserts Geesy’s presence as one of the best bar-for-bar lyricists from the City of Angels.

OhGeesy gears up for debut album ‘GEEZYWORLD’ on ‘Big Bad Wolf’ with YG

Revealing the inner workings of his music, OhGeesy also discussed the major influences that have impacted his overall sound and artistic direction — earning his flowers for any conversation about West Coast hip-hop.

Now, he’s setting his sights on sweeping the charts — taking his seat at the table as one of the next cultural leaders in music.

While OhGeesy prepares to release his upcoming solo album GEEZYWORLD this weekend, OGM host Hakeem Rowe caught up with the West Coast phenom, speaking on his impending debut, OTX, his affiliation with Drake and OVO, Future, YG, BAPE and more!

  • 1:04 OhGeesy lifestyle changes
  • 2:00 Go To meals
  • 3:00 Having kids
  • 4:00 BAPE & OVO collaboration
  • 4:33 OhGeesy x Drake
  • 4:53 Money in the Grave & OVOTX
  • 8:59 Getting through writers block – Shout out his A&R Orlando , MGMT – Rory & Polo
  • 9:54 Back in his bag recording
  • 10:20 Locking in with Section8
  • 10:52 Paying attention to all music globally
  • 11:20 Favorite off the album
  • 12:02 Big Bad World with YG
  • 13:24 Cutting the music down into an album, and following his teams direction
  • 15:15 What OhGeesy hopes to accomplish with this album
  • 16:10 No chasing hits
  • 16:53 Beat selections and writing his lyrics rather than punching in
  • 18:09 What if his son got into music
  • 19:15 one of the most Influential Mexican Rappers
  • 21:00 Hip Hop baby and naming his son Sincere after Nas in Belly
  • 21:36 What OhGeesy listened to growing up
  • 21:46 Lil Boosie
  • 23:21 Who Ohgeesy been listening too
  • 25:00 Graffiti culture and taking part in promoting his Solo Album
  • 26:02 Dream collaboration with Future & Freebandz
  • 26:27 RIP JUICE WRLD
  • 27:30 OhGeesy building his brand and his family life – keeping his balance
  • 27:50 First sober show in Utah
  • 28:37 OhGeesy on Acting
  • 30:00 OhGeesy on his label
  • 30:58 5 years from now – Pop Star status
  • 35:15 Priceless Game and advice
  • 36:00 Shoreline Mafia Reunion

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