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PnB Rock Interview: Longtime rapstar continues to put on for the underground

Following his 2017 breakout album Catch These Vibes, PnB Rock has become a long-standing staple for hip-hop and R&B crossovers.

Leading the charge for artists in the Internet era to not pigeonhole themselves to one specific sound, the Philly native has become notorious for incorporating a variety of genres in his music. His stage name alludes to this further — combining elements of pop and R&B to create something fluidly unique.

While Rock has collaborated with a slew of top talents in Lil Yachty, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa, XXXTENTACION, Trippie Redd and more, his most recent feature on Tyla Yaweh’s “Do No Wrong” is a perfect example of his relevance and longevity.

His captivating vocal register lures listeners into his love-torn, flex-filled soundscape that accompanies his knack for addicting melodies and warmly-sung bars.

Catch These Vibes and his chart-topping single on The Fate of the Furious album “Horses” elevated PnB to the highest of acclaim in 2017. With the ability to both turn up and slow things down, PnB has continuously managed to think outside the box with each new release — putting on for the next generation of artists in the same vein. On his 2019 effort TrapStar Turned Popstar, Rock assembled a charismatic cast of characters that not only highlighted his refined star power, but proved he was able to operate at the top of his game for years to come.

Now, he’s showing up for the underground, using his experience in the game to coach up some of the new wave’s blossoming acts. His latest effort in his December 2021 EP 2 Get You Thru The Rain carried PnB Rock into 2022, as he doubled down with some advice to up-and-coming rappers of this era.

“I’d school them on how to keep their independence, if it were up to me. Now knowing everything that I know, I’d want to give them advice that others didn’t tell me as far as deals, labels… everything I do, I just give them the blueprint. Telling them the pros and cons of this, I got some time in with this shit.”

PnB Rock to Hakeem Rowe

Bringing along both Yaweh and HEEM / New Lane talent Tennisboywill, PnB has fully elevated himself since impacting hip-hop in 2015. Along with detailing the early days of SoundCloud — where his music is highly celebrated — he paid homage to the platform for supporting and kickstarting massive moments in music history.

However, his era on the platform wasn’t always cohesive, as PnB divulged that while this generation of artists remains more tight-knit than those previously, the same issues barring fame and fortune are still relevant to this day.

“My generation was all separated — this person think he bigger or better than this person. Now, they all on the same [wave]. Some of them already are on their ‘bigger’ shit — getting plaques, getting money and then start acting crazy. It’s crazy what the money can do to your head, because that shit can go as quick as you got it.”

PnB Rock to Hakeem Rowe

Also accompanying Rock was his rising HEEM & New Lane artists, sharing other priceless gems and revealing how he’s been able to sustain his chart-topping status over his entire career. Ahead of the curve of our generation’s favorite rappers and household names, PNB Rock aims to inspire the vibrant energy consistent to those carefree moments in the golden era of SoundCloud with his upcoming release “SoundCloud Daze.”

As PnB continues his mission to put on for the “Next Gen,” he sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his project SoundCloud Daze, HEEM, New Lane, Tennisboywill and more in his Our Generation exclusive interview.

Watch PnB Rock’s OGM exclusive interview below!

This article has been lightly edited for clarity.