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Athlete turned artist Showjoe continues to show what he’s made of

For 19-year-old enigma Showjoe, talent is seemingly embedded in his DNA. As an athlete, he’s caught plenty of buzz his entire life. However as a musician, he is about to take things to the next level.

While the Reston, Virginia-born artist’s love for music started at a young age, his first true passion was sports. Growing up as an athlete of multiple sports while fine-tuning his artistic side, he didn’t start making music until his junior year of high school. The multi-talented teen found so much success in athletics that he was offered a Division I scholarship to play football at Long Island University.

For those who are unaware, being a Division 1 athlete is much like a full-time job. Your whole week is laid out for you and consists of early morning lifts, school all day, practice, homework, sleep and repeat. However for Showjoe, his days were even busier. Not only was he going through this routine daily, but he was also riding the train into New York City every day after practice just to get some studio time. His drive and passion for music were so strong that he was willing to use any time possible just to create music and develop his one-of-a-kind sound — sometimes not getting home till 2 a.m. and having workouts at 6 a.m. 

Showjoe would continue to make music, drop videos and create plenty of connections within the music industry over the next year. Come summer of 2021, Showjoe was non-stop traveling for two months straight – from Atlanta to the DMV, back to NYC and out to LA – over and over again. While Showjoe was seemingly pulled in every direction — rapidly growing his fanbase and generating plenty of buzz — he knew something needed to change and that would require an extremely difficult decision.

The day before going back to school for football, Showjoe called his coach to tell let them know that he would not be coming back in the fall. Although it was tough on the DMV-based artist at the start, he thanked him for the opportunity and for all the help that he had given him throughout his college career. He also had to tell his family about his plan to follow his dreams and fully commit all of his time to making music.

By the next day he was on a flight to Los Angeles.

Making music since age 16, Showjoe has delivered multiple full-length projects, numerous tapes and has released dozens of singles. While new fans may not know where to start when diving into his catalog, that’s no problem at all — sharing four of his favorite tracks to help kick off your “Showjoe Mojo.”

“Some of my songs that I would recommend would have to be… Probably Batman n Robin, since that’s the most popular. Deja Vu, which is definitely underrated. And probably… Attendance and Mathew Williams.”

ShowJoe to Our Generation Music

While still very early in his career, Showjoe has had no major co-signs or major shoutouts from notable industry veterans just yet — taking much pride in his ever-evolving fanbase that he’s assembled on his own through his many mellifluous tracks.

“My following and fanbase has been really growing organically over time and it’s been really cool to see it be built from the ground up.

ShowJoe to OGM

His piercing vocals and highly addictive melodies have led him to amass well over 1 million cumulative plays across SoundCloud, 27,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 23,000 followers on Instagram.

Showjoe has been living in LA since the Fall of 2021 and has not slowed down in the slightest. Teaming up with artists like Yung Fazo, beatmakers in Its2ezzy and multi-platinum, Billboard-charting producers Nick Mira and JetsonMade.

While Showjoe has been crafting his sound and building an aesthetic distinct to himself, he has been adamant about being versatile — curating an essence that contains a handful of differing genres.

“I’ve been really trying to blend EDM in my sound. Like incorporating the drums you hear and the build-up in EDM songs – like you hear in my song “Copycat”… I want versatility in my music so I can have fans from all over (a variety of genres).”

Showjoe to Our Generation Music

Although Showjoe’s latest efforts may not touch the EDM realm, the song is truly something special. On his latest track “Hunter x Hunter” Showjoe teamed up with producers in Nick Mira, Mvgnolia and Diicez for a vital hip-hop banger.

Throughout the track Showjoe showcases his elite versatility and impressive, ear-catching vocals, as he constantly switches his flows and weaves his voice — effortlessly sing-rapping throughout the track. In the visual to “Hunter x Hunter” — directed and edited by Showjoe himself — the rising wordsmith continues to delve into specific pockets of his visual artistry that will lift him to greater heights.

All these n—-s keep calling my phone, how the f*ck you even get my number?

My littlе b*tch she bad to the bone and usеd to f*ck with her now I wanna

Diamonds on my wrist and they glistening different colors

She know that I’m hurt, and she love that, I’m a stunner

Showjoe – “Hunter x Hunter”

While becoming a full-time artist recently, Showjoe has already accomplished so much in his young career. His rich vocals, gracefully sung melodies and swift flow combine to make him one of hip-hop’s most versatile up-and-coming artists. He’s caught the attention of thousands of fans and some impressive musicians within the industry who are all rooting for him, as the young star continues to prove himself as a serious talent in the new wave.

Check out “Hunter x Hunter” below!