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Stunna Gambino Interview: New York native continues to ‘stun’ listeners in every way

Washington Heights native Stunna Gambino is an outright genre-bender. As a new wave favorite out of New York City, Gambino is hailed as one of the next generation’s “Voice of the Trenches.”

With an eclectic knack for melodies and high-pitched sing-rapping, Gambino truly stunts on his contemporaries in every way. Initially turning heads on his breakthrough track “Heartless,” he followed up his debut effort with his bouncy single “ZAZA.” His next effort “DEMONS” eventually earned a remix from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, as the pair slides over the track’s ominous, piano-driven instrumental.

Garnering over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, it wasn’t until Gambino earned a feature on former Grade A signee The Kid LAROI‘s “NOT SOBER,” taking his career to greater heights than ever before.

After his first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100, Gambino’s feature performance on “NOT SOBER” displayed his passion and talent for the craft — repping the city and its sound in every capacity.

As one of the next young voices out of NYC, Gambino emits a high level of realness, detailing the inner workings of his creative process and breaks down the driving factors that keep him humble and focused. Recently signing with Grade A Productions, en route to releasing his highly-anticipated debut album, Gambino puts his best foot forward across the board — motivated to not waste a single moment and rise above his “underrated” narrative.

Sharp-tongued and dialed in for future success, Stunna Gambino sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on “Demons,” A Boogie wit da Hoodie, “Heartless,” The Kid LAROI, being underrated and more in his Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Time Stamps

  • 1:46 Recommendation on some food, the Stunna meal
  • 3:10 Loves NYC, and his city but headed to Atlanta
  • 4:55 Goals and aspirations on ownership from property to brand
  • 5:22 Where the Stunna came from in his artist name
  • 6:03 What was Stunna Gambino wearing to be don’d Stunna
  • 7:44 Open to business opportunities but focused on his brand rather than merch
  • 9:50 When Stunna Gambino started making music seriously
  • 10:43 How old was Stunna on the first song
  • 10:50 100,000 views at 14
  • 11:50 Transitioning towards more melodic
  • 13:13 The importance of being the student rather than just the boss
  • 14:00 The real leave it in the streets, no internet antics – balance of rapping & entertaining
  • 14:27 Creative process
  • 14:37 In Cali, Stunna Gambino in a different creative bag
  • 15:11 First thing Stunna Gambino does out west and the last thing Stunna Gambino does leaving California
  • 16:31 His personality traits and not trusting anybody – lot of weirdos in the industry
  • 17:02 The industry just like the streets
  • 18:38 Demons ft. A Boogie wit da Hoodie
  • 19:15 The reality of getting that co-sign
  • 19:50 The success on the emotional level hasn’t hit yet
  • 20:40 The thought behind his feelings around success
  • 21:04 Setting small yet realistic goals for himself and accomplishing them by leveling up and pushing himself
  • 21:35 Current goals
  • 24:22 ZAZA
  • 24:41 NOT SOBER with Kid Laroi & Polo G & first time on Billboard
  • 25:57 Running into the Kid Laroi for the first time
  • 27:55 Another man excited to see him doesn’t sit right with Stunna Gambino
  • 30:00 Paranoia when you from the streets
  • 32:30 Feelings of being underrated and never getting too comfortable
  • 33:00 New album in the works and being his debut, different from the first to now
  • 34:02 Producers involved on his debut album – with working with Einer Bankz & Mustard
  • 34:50 Demons beat cost $2000 & doing it for the trenches
  • 36:00 How Stunna has been challenging himself
  • 36:38 first shows live and preparation for tour
  • 38:00 His recording process now versus back in the day with respect to his studio time
  • 40:20 Message for Our generation