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Tony Shhnow Interview: Street-centric poet strives to work alongside legends

Georgia-based artist Tony Shhnow has one of the most loyal underground followings because of one thing: initiative.

From rapping at lunch with his friends to consistently putting on a show, Shhnow strives to work alongside the legends of today by doing it his way.

“It got me excited,” he said. “It made me want to do it again… But I never wanted to be just a ‘do it around the lunch table’ kind of [rapper], I was trying to do stuff and was also putting out videos. I was really taking the initiative to establish myself so people took me serious… I always took myself seriously.”

Shhnow initially sparked because of his attention to detail — taking things to a new level in each music video he released. Everything he achieves, he achieves with his fans, finding time to shout them out on mid-album skits and on social media.

While Tony continues to prosper in the underground — accumulating over 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify — his talent is apparent on first play. Rapping with a commanding presence and an unique energy reminiscent of ‘08 Gucci Mane, Shhnow thrives in a style all his own.

On breakout tracks like “Vet,” “Goin Through It” and “TikTok,” his vibey, plugg production brings forth feelings of euphoria and wonder — floating over each track he touches with a refined finesse. His latest single “Sewed” is an energetic Detroit-style banger that Shhnow effortlessly flows over — further introducing himself to new wave listeners.

Shhnow not only shoots to work alongside hip-hop legends in Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo from The Neptunes, Jay-Z and Lil Wop, his latest LP Authentic Goods fully introduces listeners to his signature style — filled with melodic bells, hard-hitting production and his eclectic rapping ability. His knack for combining Atlanta’s trap influence and soft-spoken harmonies have unearthed his potential as one of the underground’s most diverse street-centric poets.

While Shhnow continues his rapid rise to stardom, the 25-year-old enigma sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his inspirations, Authentic Good, Wiz Khalifa, Cardo and more in his Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Listen to Tony Shhnow’s latest track “Sewed” below!

Time Stamps

  • 1:40 Where Tony Shhnow is – from Cobb County, GA
  • 2:24 What was it like growing up in Cobb County
  • 3:18 when he first recorded
  • 4:00 lunchroom bars and rap battles
  • 4:56 First time hearing himself on a recording
  • 5:30 Playing basketball before rap
  • 6:10 Rappers trying to be ball players
  • 8:10 Plaques and Grammy’s is a goal, but not a variation factor
  • 9:59 Inspiration behind making music, Lil Wayne & Lil B
  • 10:30 Living up to the mixtape artist, motivation from Mexikodro
  • 11:10 Hustle outweighs talent – Juicy J
  • 13:18
  • 20:20 Lyrical rapper that Tony’s been a fan of
  • 21:30 Vaccinations
  • 23:21 Collaborative Energy between Tony Shhnow & 10kdunkin
  • 24:30 Lil Wop
  • 25:50 Authentic Goods with Sensei ATL, first producer
  • 28:32 Cover Art Inspiration and Gorillaz as the blueprint with Rock n Roll influence
  • 30:00 Matter of Time
  • 32:00 Stay down before you go up
  • 32:55 Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa
  • 34:28 Cardo
  • 36:53 Goal is to be the Jay-Z of Atlanta