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Unfoonk Interview: YSL newcomer grateful for second chance

In October 2019, longtime fans of Young Thug received the heartwarming news that his brother, Unfoonk, would be released from prison.

Serving 11 years of a life sentence, Unfoonk had witnessed his brother experience astronomical success. Now, it’s his turn to experience success of his own.

Unfoonk’s adjustment into the music industry these last few years has been impressive to say the least — signing to YSL and releasing his first official mixtape, My Struggle. Despite coming out of prison to much more familiar company, he has still taken the time to forge accomplishments on his own accord.

Young Thug’s early success can be heavily attributed to Unfoonk, who convinced him to hop in the studio and record in the first place. Turning heads on YSL’s collaborative mixtape Slime Language 2,Real” is where both rappers explain the pain of being separated by the walls of prison. As a listener, it’s clear that the bond these brothers share goes far beyond the music.

Throughout the interview, Unfoonk shows how humble and grateful his circumstances have made him. He wants to take advantage of the second chance given to him to learn about the world — whether it be about nature, music or business.

As he continues his path to success, collaborations with Future, Gunna, G Herbo, Millie Go Lightly, Blac Youngsta and more are on the way. His next mixtape will be a sequel to 11 Years No Tears before his debut album Look At God.

With all this music in the works, Unfoonk sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss My Struggle, Slimeball Records, YSL, Young Thug and more in his Our Generation exclusive interview.

Quotable Moments

Hakeem: The stuff you were writing when you were away, did you ever use any of it in music?

Unfoonk: I couldn’t. I tried, but it didn’t go right with the beat. Slime had told me, “You gotta learn how to keep up. Just get in the booth and rap.” I ain’t wrote no songs since I been out.

H: Who helped you with [My Struggle] or how did you learn to put this together?

U: I had did like two songs. [Future] was like, “Let me hear the songs you been doing bro.” I let him hear it. He jumped on both of them… then I seen G Herbo locked in, that’s fam, that’s brodie. Gunna had came one day when I was in there, so I did two songs with Gunna. Slime (Young Thug), we got so many songs it’s just natural with him.

H: You said you were in the hole and you had heard Thug was with Cash Money. Did [Young Thug’s] success keep you going?

U: Yes it did. It brought me alive. I’m like, now I know what’s finna happen. One of his main goals was to come get me. So, after I heard that, everything gold. I know I’m gonna come home now.

Time Stamps

  • 1:45 The importance of having fun and enjoying the process
  • 3:15 The Air Force 1 market in Atlanta
  • 4:00 The Crate Challenge
  • 6:00 Atlanta Food
  • 6:55 Favorite spread in Jail
  • 7:40 Writing music while Locked up, Serving 11 years
  • 10:02 The History Channel
  • 13:38 Recording Process: Punching in rather than writing since he’s been out
  • 14:54 Breaking out of his shell in front of Young Thug and Gunna
  • 17:00 The moment Unfoonk signed to YSL
  • 18:00 Everything comes in Due Time, Full Circle
  • 20:00 Bringing Young Thug to the studio for the first time
  • 21:54 Inspirations and Favorites: Cash Money, No Limit, And Yo Gotti
  • 24:00 The YSL mentality and family-centric focus
  • 27:32 Producers locked in with Unfoonk
  • 28:28 Starting his own imprint, Slimeball Records
  • 29:40 Adjusting to stardom
  • 30:15 5 years from now
  • 31:30 Getting on flights and really enjoying the travels, Rolling Loud + Lollapooloza
  • 32:50 “My Struggle: and putting the project together
  • 36:09 What Unfoonk’s looking to accomplish with the next release
  • 37:28 Upcoming releases including Mixtape into Debut Album “Look at God”
  • 39:04 Locked in the studio everyday
  • 39:15 Message for Our Generation