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Xhulooo Interview: 16-year-old star speaks on working with SoFaygo, Yung Fazo, more

At the early age of 16, Xhulooo is already making waves in the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Before he moved to Georgia, he spent time in Colorado, Florida and the Virgin Islands — exposing him to drastically different cultures and a variety of music because of it.

His entry into the industry was through participating in Calypso contests with songs he made in elementary school. His upbringing and heritage are apparent, speaking on his influences of Latin and Spanish music stemming from his parents.

As for the future, he plans to remain a bit more ambiguous, and isn’t looking to sign any paperwork right away. His decision is understandable given what he’s achieved working independently. From producing, rapping and distribution, Xhulooo has become a one-stop shop for his artistry.

As a Swiss Army knife filled with talent, he cites Pi’erre Bourne and Pharrell Williams as significant influences to his sound — both being producer-rappers with an atmospheric undertone.

In the early stages of his career, the connection with Xhulooo and his peers has led to all of them leveling up one by one.

Artists such as SoFaygo, Tiandi Korvo and Slump6s all contributed to each other’s recent come-ups. Yung Fazo recently joined Hakeem for an interview as well — mentioning that he and Xhulooo will be dropping a sequel to their 2020 collaborative mixtape “Boys on Mars.” As these young rappers see more success, it’s refreshing to see them treat each other as friends rather than colleagues.

Xhulooo continues to drop solid tape after solid tape. His most recent EP, Rude & Reno — a five-track offering that provides a glance into his musical ability — is just the beginning for the young Atlanta-based star.

While he’s just at the cusp of what he’ll accomplish, Xhulooo sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss Rude & Reno, SoFaygo, Antisocial 2, “Boys on Mars 2” and more in this Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Hakeem: What was the most challenging part for you making beats?

Xhulooo: “When I first started making beats I made beats because I didn’t want to pay for other producers’ beats. I was open to using YouTube beats but I never just wanted to pay for them because what’s the purpose of paying for them if I could just crack FL Studio myself and make my own beats.”

H: How did you meet SoFaygo and everything? You guys worked a lot back in the day and you guys also share the same manager.

X: “I met Faygo almost four years ago. I met him through a mutual of ours… When I was producing at the time I was putting out remakes of beats and I ended up remaking “Mileage” by Pi’erre… Faygo found it. I sent him a list of the stuff I do, it had prices in there, so I don’t know if he got confused on whether or not I was trying to charge him. We didn’t speak again until mid-2019… I bought a feature and an open from him so he already knew of me. That was before I became friends with him, then he added me to the Runna group chat.”

H: “Boy On Mars 2” [with Yung Fazo], can we get any update on that? Have y’all started working on it?

X: “We haven’t really started working on it and it’s kind of my fault. I’ve been kinda slacking lately… I haven’t really been inspired to work like that. I just started back last night so hopefully I can get back on it. We got some songs we can try for the first couple of songs — we still gotta hit the executive producer back because he wanted to get something situated with us. Once he hits us back about it, then we’ll be straight and we can continue with the rollout.”

Time Stamps

  • 1:45 Where did the Xhulooo name come from
  • 3:00 Xhulooo’s background / ethnicity
  • 5:38 Xhulooo’s age
  • 6:00 How is it like being a 16 year old rapper in Atlanta
  • 6:50 Reasoning behind hanging out with those older in age
  • 7:30 Where Xhulooo was born and initially raised before Atlanta
  • 8:50 Baseball
  • 9:20 Virgin Islands
  • 11:36 First time recording and influences
  • 14:20 Family supporting the music and celebrating the success
  • 15:25 Distribution deals
  • 16:08 Self-taught on the production side
  • 17:19 The most challenging part making beats
  • 20:00 Showing Love and Paying Homage to those you were inspired and influenced by
  • 21:30 The song that got the conversation going in the underground scene
  • 22:11 “Hectic” & “Can’t Sleep”
  • 24:00 Creative & writing process
  • 24:32 First rap song recorded in a trailer park in Florida
  • 25:45 Cursing and promise to Xhulooo’s mom to not curse
  • 28:50 Meeting SoFaygo
  • 30:35 Buying a feature and getting added to the Runna group chat
  • 33:00 Boy on Mars 2 w/ Yung Fazo
  • 34:00 Xhu & Mino’s Adventure
  • 36:00 Slump6s
  • 38:20 Rude & Reno
  • 39:10 Love for Bape
  • 41:00 Shoutout Bella Thorne
  • 44:00 Drugs and Laughter
  • 45:03 AntiSocial 2 and can we expect Anti-Social 3
  • 48:00 Message for Our Generation