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Yung Fazo Interview: New York up-and-comer capitalizes off huge collab

Since 2019, 16-year-old artist Yung Fazo has been steady dropping single after single — on a mission to become one of the youngest pioneers of the new wave.

A few years back, Fazo was just a regular, homegrown New York kid — spending his days playing video games and sports with his friends. His love of video games ended up being his gateway to music, with one of his first songs blowing up within the Fortnite community.

Originally going by Lil Faze, the success he’s experienced can be largely contributed to TikTok and Twitch — two platforms that have bolstered the careers of many up-and-coming artists. The success he’s seen coincides the come-ups of peers in BabySantana and Slump6s, in which Fazo has collaborated with on Tana’s posse cut “Antisocial 2.”

Finding himself within a generation of kids growing up on social media and gaming, Fazo found his niche rather quickly — giving himself a base community to market his hits like “Adding” with SoFaygo, “Wesson” with Raeusi and “Frozone”.

His new project, #frvralone, hit streaming this last week (Aug. 13), and contains contributions from frequent collaborators BabySantana, KA$HDAMI and Xhulooo. Fans won’t be waiting long for more music as he has already confirmed plans to release another project this year.

As Fazo continues his climb to the top, he sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss FrvrAlone, SoFaygo, BabySantana, “Boys on Mars Pt.2, Xhulooo, and more!

Hakeem: How would you describe your style of music?

Yung Fazo: “Most of my music is considered “rage.” But not everything, I make a bit of everything. RnB, plugg music… I love Bryson [Tiller]… It’s only now when I actually make music I can really register and appreciate that.”

HR: So, the new project, #frvralone, what do you wanna accomplish with that?

YF: “I honestly wanna just make my mark bro, I wanna solidify my name cuz I get overlooked a lot of times. It’s either somebody hasn’t heard something that they like from me yet, or they haven’t checked out my full discography and are just judging me off of what they hear on TikTok or because I’m brown.”

HR: You feel like you’ve been getting hate because you’re brown?

YF: “There would be comments all the time about stuff like that, but I would honestly ignore it cuz I saw Nav. It happened to Nav and he still made it.”

  • 2:15 how old is Yung Fazo & where is he from
  • 2:38 Growing up in Queens
  • 5:16 Fortnite & Video Games
  • 7:20 Promoting Sounds
  • 8:48 TIK TOK
  • 9:56 Story behind the name, Yung Fazo
  • 13:05 First time ever recording
  • 24:20 Yung Fazo’s style
  • 27:00 Focusing on his craft
  • 27:56 Tecca’s production & acid rap
  • 30:00 SoFaygo
  • 31:00 Being Muslim
  • 33:10 Next project, Forever Alone
  • 36:40 Boy on Mars
  • 39:00 Message for Our Generation