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yvngxchris Interview: Rising DMV rapper shows no fear in being himself

DMV-based artist yvngxchris’ sound is not only eclectic, but irreplaceable among other new wave rappers.

Spitting over airy yet hard-hitting Tokyo Drift-style plugg beats, he isn’t like most SoundCloud rappers. You hear a sense of poise, maturity and a presence unheard of for a 17-year-old with just over a year of experience.

Since joining SoundCloud at the start of the pandemic, yvngxchris’ storytelling ability within his verses is ear-catching — showcasing his knack for creating and furthering momentum on each of his tracks. With over 64,000 followers on SoundCloud and 450,000 monthly Spotify listeners, yvngxchris is rising right before our eyes.

Boasting tracks in “Dip – Remix,” “Been Gettin Money” and “No Hook,” yvngxchris is a staple of our generation’s signature sound. While these up-and-coming artists adapt and gravitate towards more innovative ways to promote themselves — through platforms like TikTok and Discord — yvngxchris not only utilizes, but vocalizes its impact for artists — leveling the playing field for all. Despite settling his nerves before he records, he continually pushes through — conquering his thoughts to curate his style and becoming better in the process.

From his collaborations with other new wave leaders in KA$HDAMI and BabySantana, yvngxchris shines as a 17-year-old calculated risk-taker — further setting the tone for his upcoming single “Blood on the Leaves.”

yvngxchris sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his inspirations, SoundCloud origins, XXXTENTACION, “No Hook” with BabySantana and more in his Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

  • 00:43 How old yvngxchris is
  • 1:00 Rolling Loud Miami
  • 1:40 How long has yvngxchris been making music
  • 2:03 Sports before music
  • 2:15 Aspirations to be a Youtuber
  • 4:10 The story behind the name “yvngxchris” and the names leading up to
  • 4:57 XXXtentacion is a major influence and inspiration
  • 5:49 Tay-K
  • 5:59 Rapping Fast and influenced by Ski Mask the Slump God
  • 6:18 First time recording on a PS4
  • 7:00 Recording through his phone
  • 7:20 Fully immersed in music during COVID
  • 7:40 First time yvngxchris received recognition on the song “Kyrie Irving” on Tik Tok
  • 8:33 yvngxchris yet to perform
  • 9:22 Specific song yvngxchris is excited to perform live
  • 10:19 yvngxchris delivering a new style out of the DMV
  • 11:45 The changes around his rise in music
  • 12:50 Buying reposts on Soundcloud
  • 13:20 Views around Tik Tok
  • 14:30 The early influence of Playboi Carti
  • 15:09 No Hook ft. BabySantana
  • 17:10 Latest project release, Everybody Hates Chris
  • 19:00 yvngxchris & KA$HDAMI
  • 20:30 Where does yvngxchris see himself in 5 years
  • 21:00 Modeling including runway & starting his own brand
  • 22:30 Video Games
  • 23:00 How many songs are being done a day and the recording process
  • 25:00 Discord
  • 26:08 Demand for the song “Blood on the Leaves”
  • 26:46 Message for Our Generation