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Chris Patrick refuses to be unheard on new EP ahead of ‘X-Files’

Although Chris Patrick has been working overtime, it’s all about to pay off.

Bouncing to and from his native New Jersey over the last few months — finishing his long-awaited album X-Files in Chicago — the versatile singer-rapper took in his new holdover EP, Lost Files, on the porch of his parents’ home, appreciating his time in the spotlight and feeling “lighter” looking towards the future.

Following the success of his triumphant single “Up Now” in February, the “Insane” rapper’s blazing freestyle run has ultimately turned more heads to the new era he’s embarked on. With his highly-anticipated LP slated for release on Aug. 10, his 3-track teaser tape offers a glimmer into the unknown, enigmatic aura surrounding X-Files — further proving his confidence and ability as an innovative wordsmith and staggering vocalist alike.

“[I have] a lot of confidence in my sound and where I’m going with it. I think what ‘Lost Files’ permits me to do now is to feel confident in who I am in terms of my [artistic] identity. The EP does [my sound] justice in showing the range of what I’m doing. But the album, bro, is otherworldly. I haven’t heard or felt this way about a project in the longest time.”

Chris Patrick on X-Files

While Patrick’s refined versatility is a cornerstone of his budding star power, he’s expanded his audience beyond the bar-heavy hip-hop heads who bared their souls with him on From The Heart (vol. 1 and 2) and evolved altogether. Patrick even realizes a change in his energy, however, this sonic shift is what is separating Patrick from his peers — allowing him to be himself without any second thought.

“I know I get a lot of comparisons to a lot of these amazing rappers out here. My peers are distinguished and very, very good at what they do. So it’s nice to feel like I have my own identity and space in this whole landscape of hip-hop, just in general. I’m not gonna hold you, ‘Lost Files’ is crazy. But the next thing we got coming out, I swear to God, I don’t think people are gonna call me a rapper anymore.”

Chris Patrick to OGM

Keeping his emotions close and the narrative closer, Patrick’s affinity for mixing lush and hard-hitting soundscapes only continues to fuel his standing as one of the underground’s most captivating emcees. As both an impressive singer and lyrical technician — hitting listeners with a focused perspective and clarity only he is able to conjure — Lost Files is simply the fireworks before the finale with fans watching in awe.

The EP feels freeing — containing a specific flavor for each appetizing cut. With a catchy, drill-inspired “To The Moon” remix, Patrick showcases the fiery rap chops he’s always possessed on the project’s opening track “Moonwalkin” — slowly switching to the tape’s sultry, sample-clad second offering. “Zendaya is definitely my favorite,” he revealed, as his “you my first real queen, you my Zendaya” hook sends listeners ruminating over the loves of their lives.

“Zendaya’s” low, waning melodies and fast-paced percussion curate Patrick’s most cohesive effort to date, as the final track “Back On Road” further illustrates the diversity he’s bringing to his sonic repertoire. Recruiting Chicago-based rapper Ausar for the EP’s closing track, the pair’s chemistry is off the charts — easily gliding over “Back On Road’s” ethereally bombastic production. “I thought you were the road for me,” Chris reflectively croons with ear-worming vocal stacks and finesse, continuing to showcase his ability to body any track he wishes.

“On the Lost Files EP, I really wanted to give folks an appetizer for what’s to come with the sound. I’m diversifying my sound, and for everyone supporting the preparation and my journey, I’m giving them some classic Chris Patrick but with an unpredictable twist. I’m really trying to feed my supporters before the main course, the album. I’m hoping that the folks who have been rocking with me and the newcomers who might find me from these songs feel connected to the music, and like they can grow with me as I grow on my journey as an artist.”

Chris Patrick on ‘Lost Files’

Lost Files is not only a distinctive sample platter of Patrick’s skilled repertoire, but shimmers with raw talent at every turn. As Jersey’s sonic savant continues to follow the path he’s paved, it’s only a matter of time before Chris finally uncovers the X-Files he’s been saving to seize his moment.

Listen to Chris Patrick’s ‘Lost Files’ below!

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