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A$AP Rocky releases highly-anticipated single ‘D.M.B.’ with Rihanna-assisted music video

For years, A$AP Mob fans have been holding their breath in anticipation for A$AP Rocky‘s upcoming studio album All Smiles. Since the start of 2022, Rocky has been steadily building momentum towards releasing music, which included feature verses on tracks for $NOT, Nigo and, most recently, A$AP Ant.

This week finally saw this anticipation come to fruition. After posting then deleting the cover art for his new release on Today (May 3), then once again confirming it on Wednesday (May 4) with a teaser for the music video, A$AP Rocky dropped “D.M.B.” on Thursday (May 5) like he promised.

The song lasts just over four minutes, containing rattling, East Coast production and muffled chopped-and-screwed vocals that he has familiarized himself with over the years. Throughout the song, he alludes to “his b*tch,” romanticizing their relationship by telling about the “blunts” and “guns” they usually keep with them. He is likely referring to his superstar boo Rihanna, since he drops bars about her wealth in the song’s second verse.

She got bank accounts too

With big amounts, shit you couldn’t count

Just pick the number that you couldn’t count to

Like an attitude, curve a n***a when she didn’t have too

“D.M.B.” — A$AP Rocky

The music video for “D.M.B.” illustrates the same idea the cover art portrays, as he and his girl (Rihanna) act out a “ghetto love tale” in which Rocky finds himself jailed for a brief moment of time because of his gang ways and is reunited with his lover at the end.

Last summer, Pretty Flacko and Bad Girl Riri were seen on the set of this music video together in the Bronx, as they were wearing the same fur outfits seen in the visuals. So, it would appear that Rocky has had this release brewing for months.

This past weekend (April 29-May 1), Rocky took the time to play some unreleased music during his set at The Smoker’s Club festival, signaling that more new music could be on the way soon on top of this release.

Most notably, fans have been hoping for his upcoming album All Smiles to arrive sooner rather than later, so perhaps tracks that he has previewed such as these may land on the project. For now though, all we can do is bask in the joy of A$AP Rocky’s return.

Check out “D.M.B.” by A$AP Rocky below!