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BabySantana’s Antisocial 2

BabySantana’s ‘Antisocial 2’ reaches No. 1 on SoundCloud’s New & Hot chart

14-year-old Georgia-based rapper BabySantana has topped SoundCloud’s New & Hot chart with his underground hit “Antisocial 2.”

The follow-up to Santana’s “Antisocial” (featuring frequent collaborator Slump6s) doubles down on both song length and bars, featuring premier up-and-comers in SSGKobe, Yung Fazo and Xhulooo. BabySantana’s widely known for his popular Instagram Trillers, as his most recent collaborations with KA$HDAMI and other artists around his age have recently shot him into the spotlight.

Santana’s also been notably cosigned by other young artists such as midwxst, Lil Tecca, ohtrapstar, Guwop Reign, yvngxchris and more.

“Antisocial 2” is not just your average SoundCloud banger. At six-minutes in length, the track incorporates braggadocios in-song skits from BabySantana in the third-person, saying: “He’s most likely to blow up, very fast and very soon, because he’s very versatile. He can do anything on any beat, bro.”

Santana then proves he can not only walk his talk, but showcases his versatility with multiple beat-switches and genre-bending influences from punk, trap, rock, drill and more.

He smoothly trades verses from all four feature lyricists, as he creates both a memorable hook and catchy melodies for his contemporaries to bounce off of. A rock guitar-accompanied beat fades into drill production in the first half of the song, then fades into a new wave, video game trap beat. Santana and Kobe spit their verses with purpose while Fazo, Xhulooo and Slump6s all provide innovative switch-ups and fun lyricism on differing portions of the production.

The autotune on “Antisocial 2” is immaculate — with all five artists using it to sing-rap in their higher registers effortlessly. Using distortion to their advantage, the breakdowns on the track seemingly act as a breather from the mosh pit Santana throws listeners into. A chopped-and-screwed drum-line plays throughout the entirety of the energetic trap-cut, appearing when each artist passes the mic to the other.

“Antisocial 2” is the party banger needed to revive any aux setting. As BabySantana is still on the rise, be sure to tap in for more music from the 14-year-old phenom, or in his own words: “y’all better hop on the wave before it’s too late.”

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