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Bobby Shmurda’s homies Rowdy Rebel and Quavo join him for ‘Shmoney’

Bobby Shmurda has been firing on all cylinders as of late. After waiting almost half a year to drop music following his February release from his seven-year prison stay, Shmurda has seemingly turned up at the end of 2021.

For his newest single, Bobby linked up with two of his closest friends in the industry. Rowdy Rebel, who was locked up with him on similar charges and also released in the last year, and Quavo, who was there to pick Shmurda up from prison when he got out and took him under his wing, now join the New York rapper for “Shmoney.”

Released on Dec. 17, “Shmoney” continues to exemplify the ball of energy Bobby has been since his come-up in the early 2010s. Produced by fellow 2010s icon Tay Keith, the song opens with Quavo excitedly proclaiming his “Shmoney” ad-libs repeatedly.

Next, Rowdy opens the song by asserting he is all about his money, and will take out anybody in the way of achieving his goals.

Caught him snitching, he ain’t last (Brrt)

Up that choppa, let it blast

Finger fuck that bitch real fast

New extendos, brand new mags

Bitch, I’m fresh all getting this shmoney (Shmoney)

I can sit up on my ass, I ain’t no dummy (dummy)

So please don’t talk to me if it ain’t no- (Shmoney)

“Shmoney” — Rowdy Rebel (verse)

Rowdy’s verse transitions pristinely into Quavo’s verse, where he doubles down on his loyalty to Rowdy and Bobby.

They told me Rowdy was coming home

I put him up some money (I did)

Shmigo bitch, we back on the throne

Ready to fuck up some shmoney (I’m fresh all to the…)

“Shmoney” — Bobby Shmurda featuring Rowdy Rebel and Quavo

Last but not least, Bobby emerges onto the track for the final verse after another rendition of the “Shmoney” hook. Shmurda introduces a fresh new vocal inflection on the verse, leaning on his bars more than shouting over the thumping 808s.

Fresh up out the bricks, fresh up out the slammer, bitch

I’m fresh up out Atlanta, bitch, big 300 bitch

My neighbors think I’m selling bricks, my nephew think I’m Santa

My bitch, she on them percocets, her sister’s on the Fanta

Her daddy keep a thirty stick, I’m litter than a candle

“Shmoney” — Bobby Shmurda featuring Rowdy Rebel and Quavo

Bobby first teased this song in mid-November, and a month later, “Shmoney” served as the fourth banger for his long-awaited comeback. The visuals for the song depict the same amount of fun and energy the recording does, as the trio make it rain cash at a house party.

Check out Bobby Shmurda’s new song “Shmoney” with Rowdy Rebel and Quavo below!