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Boslen brings in Dro Kenji for wavy new track ‘NIGHTFALL’

Vancouver-based artist Boslen has been making waves up north.

Dropping his debut studio album DUSK to DAWN Aug. 24, the emerging star’s dark, underwater sound and captivating verses stun over the album’s 12-track run time.

In a recent interview with Complex, the B.C. native strived to stay “introspective and vulnerable” throughout the project’s creative process. Naturally remaining inspired by his hometown, he cites The Weeknd, Kid Cudi and Travis Scott as influences for the project’s character arc — pushing the envelope with deep-bedded album cuts that showcase his innermost self.

“Maybe I’m the one to make Vancouver break through. Maybe not. But I know how bad my team and I want it.”

Boslen to Complex

Featuring guest spots by Vory, Tyla Yahweh and others, one track in particular stands out amongst the bunch. “NIGHTFALL” featuring Internet Money superstar Dro Kenji is a toxic, flex-filled anthem where both rappers find themselves at their highest — and lowest — points.

I’ve been off spins (Been spinnin’)

I’ve been losing faith (Yeah)

I’ve been lost for minute

I’ve been out of place (I’ve been out of place)

If a god is my witness, I will find a way (I will find a way)

Never hide, never run

Never turn away

“NIGHTFALL” – Boslen

Spitting about “skirting on opps” and six-figure bags, Kenji and Boslen bring the energy to the track’s euphorically hard-hitting production. With airy pads, reversed sirens and echoed ad-libs, Boslen’s vocals are instantly reminiscent of a Rodeo era Travis Scott.

Leading in Kenji’s emo-rap infused bars, the young South Carolina native’s flow eerily reminds listeners of the late-Juice WRLD — who Kenji has previously cited as a major influence for his sound.

Bitch, I’m feeling kinda

Like I can walk a few laps around niggas and not even try

I might have to let a few rounds out the clip

Paranoid in a bitch but I ain’t even high

On my soul, I can’t switch on my real niggas

Bitch, I’m on six figures (Ooh, uhh)

Trying to make the bezel bigger

Tell them all, I’m a player nigga

Aye, bitch I’m a gravedigger

“NIGHTFALL” – Dro Kenji

While Boslen continues to ride the high of his label debut, Kenji is still reaping the rewards of his latest LP, FUCK YOUR FEELINGS. Recently dropping the video to his hit single “Kill Cupid” with $NOT — which feature wildly immersive anime visuals — “NIGHTFALL” is one of Kenji’s first features following his four-mixtape run over the past year.

Meshing with Boslen’s brooding vocals, Kenji and the rising Vancouver artist ultimately find balance — finding a shared light amid the nightfall’s darkness.

Listen to “NIGHTFALL” on DUSK to DAWN below!