Canadian rapper Smiley recruits Drake for new single ‘Over the Top’

Toronto natives link as Drake continues building toward ‘CLB.

Smiley dropped “Over the Top” featuring Drake on July 23. Over Tay Keith production, the duo go back-and-forth throughout the track using their respective styles to craft an upbeat banger.

As he has been all year long, Drake is in the midst of preparing to drop his sixth studio album Certified Lover Boy. Drake fulfills the first half of the hook on the track where he flexes his Nike deal, as well as rapping the first verse. In this verse, Drizzy does what he does best, being self-aware that he is that he’s one of the world’s biggest artists and always needs to be presentable. Still, he stays motivated by letting his peers know how powerful he is.

Anyone else would retire, but I’m not content

I wanna bury these niggas like twenty feet down so no one can find them again

It’s gotta be scary to witness me carry these niggas around in both of my hands

“Over the Top” — Smiley featuring Drake

As for Smiley, his signature whiney rapping voice brings diversity to the track, as he handles the back-half of the hook as well as the second verse. Within his long-winded verse, he lets us know how tight him and Drake are by how the 6 God looks out for him

Got a verse from the boy and it leaked (Fuck)

He sent me a new one said use it instead (Use it)

“Over the Top” — Smiley featuring Drake

Smiley and Drake’s relationship is a special one, as they were rumored to have linked before for the song “Organization” in 2019 which never released. Both hailing from Toronto, Smiley is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label. Drake cited Smiley as one of his biggest inspirations behind his 2018 Scorpion album. So, perhaps this collaboration added more fuel to Drake’s fire in preparation for Certified Lover Boy‘s release.

Until that happens though, check out Smiley and Drake’s newest collaboration “Over the Top” below.


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