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Chris Patrick goes ‘Insane’ on new single, visual

Simply put, New Jersey’s Chris Patrick is a lyrical enigma.

Able to shapeshift from quick-witted flows to introspective bars effortlessly, the underground wordsmith is not only a joy to listen to, but crafts profound meaning in every one of his tracks. Patrick emanates realness in every regard, and on his latest cut “Insane” he does just that — obliterating the single’s fast-paced production with ease.

Sporting a higher vocal inflection and introspective bars about pain and promise, Patrick is in his element once again over the track’s 1:47 run-time. His previous offering “Gang Activity” details the struggles he and his closest friends have endured over their lives. However, “Insane” pivots from overcoming adversity to diving into Patrick’s pitfalls — speaking on “blaming himself” and “draining himself” in the pursuit of exiling the demons that constantly surround him.

Ay I’m going insane again

I’m seeing the image of people who died in my muh’fucking brain again

My shorty concerned, I picked up the herb to numb all the pain again

Ain’t close my eyes, I been losing sleep

Ain’t call my doctor in two whole weeks

Ain’t made no progress, I know I been tweaking

I’m going insane again

Chris Patrick — “Insane”

While the production of the track complements Patrick’s energy perfectly, its quickly-placed hi-hats and haunting piano loops further showcase the insanity the New Jersey native wants to portray. As Patrick readies to drop his upcoming album X-Files in the near future, “Insane” is the presumed second cut off his highly-anticipated LP — fine tuning his immersive sound with a fresh twist fit for the new wave.

Doubling down on his artistic vision, “Insane” further develops Patrick’s life-mirroring appeal — continuing to assert himself as one of our generation’s most refined lyricists.

Watch Chris Patrick’s new video for “Insane” below!