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Chris Patrick shares raw, heartfelt new cut ‘Gang Activity’

Chris Patricks rise as one of the underground’s most captivating lyricists didn’t happen overnight — it’s encompassed his life for as long as he can remember.

From eyeing rhymes in the car with his mother in sixth grade to opening up for Travis Scott during his Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight tour, the New Jersey-based rapper’s success is earned in every regard. His sound mirrors those of Dreamville stars in J. Cole and JID, however, Patrick is an artist operating in his own category — completely aware of his thoughts, feelings and surroundings.

On his inspiring new single “Gang Activity,” Patrick’s passionately raw vocals and intrinsic bars shine brighter than ever before — rapping about the unembellished adversity he and his peers have endured together.

Word to my momma

Me and all my n**** been tweaking

Just a pit of delinquents in the sequence

Not the pick of the litter in God’s eyes

But we picked off the into’s on defense

Lots of pics reminiscent of our lives

all these instances We aint defeated

All that shit we had been through in hard times

Turned us vicious

Chris Patrick — “Gang Activity”

Heartfelt and spirited, Patrick’s past projects in From The Heart (vol. 1 and 2) showcase his knack for immersive storytelling, transporting listeners into the world and headspace he resides in. “Gang Activity” is not only a robust recollection of Patrick’s trials and tribulations, but is a celebratory take on overcoming whatever struggles that occur in life.

His rhymes are as real as can be, speaking on his upbringing surrounded by violence, crime, and murder as well as the everlasting chaos that’s consumed him and his closest friends. Regardless of the hardship, Patrick keeps an unshattered bond with those closest to him — for their collective perseverance is the reason they’re all thriving today.

While his latest offering stuns listeners right at their core, Patrick’s polished artistry contrived from hard times is immaculate to say the least.

Listen to “Gang Activity” by Chris Patrick and Crossroads below!