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Chris Patrick is ‘Up Now’ on his journey to the top

It’s Chris Patrick’s time to shine, and on his new single “Up Now,” success is his for the taking.

Following previous singles in “Insane” and “Gang Activity,” the New Jersey wordsmith is in the middle of rolling out his upcoming album — sharing the third single off the LP Wednesday night (Feb. 9).

Touting heartfelt and spirited vocals, Patrick’s past projects in From The Heart (vol. 1 and 2) outwardly showcase his knack for immersive storytelling, transporting listeners into the world and headspace he resides in. “Gang Activity” and “Insane” are not only robust recollections of Patrick’s differing moods, but is a testament to his ability to capture new fans on first listen.

Proclaiming that he “couldn’t stay at the bottom, I made plays to get through,” Patrick’s versatility is on full display once more — rising to the top of the underground off the back of his raw, emotive lyricism and constant determination to be the best he can be. Crooning “I stayed up late when they snoozed,” “Up Now” sees the up-and-coming rapper double down on his devotion to his craft — willing the fruits of his labor into existence through hard work, talent and a genuine aura surrounding his art.

The track itself contains wavy flute melodies — reminscent of YSL’s sound — and an instantaneous bounce that rattles speakers of any kind. Using his voice in every capacity, Patrick crisply sings the hook on “Up Now” effortlessly — flowing with a plethora of cadences that further highlight his diverse skill set.

Uplifting himself and those around him, Patrick is well known to be a positive force for not only the underground hip-hop community, but an inspiration for a slew of aspiring artists. Not too long ago, Patrick worked as a member of Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Now well removed from the rigamarole of retail, he’s chasing his dreams wholeheartedly — tackling adversity head-on and doing what he was meant to.

Recently throwing a sold-out show in Brooklyn, NYC with fellow up-and-comer and collaborator Redveil, Patrick’s charisma and energy found in his music translated seamlessly on stage, as the lyrical enigma continues to bolster his image as a blossoming star-in-the-making.

While “Up Now” details Chris Patrick’s triumphs starting from the bottom, it’s an assertion that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Listen to Chris Patrick’s “Up Now” below!