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Cochise drops long-awaited single ‘POCKET ROCKET’

After months of anticipation, Cochise releases explosive track he’d been previewing for fans.

When Cochise released his second project Benbow Crescent in May of this year, he immediately went from a TikTok sensation to a legitimate up-and-comer.

He then linked with fellow Floridian new wave rapper $NOT three weeks later to craft their banger “Tell Em,” which set TikTok ablaze and landed both of them their first Billboard Hot 100 placement at No. 64. One step at a time, Cochise continues to elevate his status and music, now dropping his second single of the year “POCKET ROCKET.”

The high-pitched, energetic rapper has been teasing “POCKET ROCKET” since as early as Oct. 2020 on Instagram Live. Fans were curious as to why it was not included on his recent project.

Now, “POCKET ROCKET” is here, and Cochise utilizes his quick, fiery flow over the smooth, synth-heavy production laced with laser beam sounds. Sandwiched between the two renditions of the hook referencing his dislike for pocket watchers, Cochise uses amusing wordplay in his singular, long-winded verse.

Ever since a nigga gettin’ money, gettin’ fatter

Call me Fat Joe, lean back with the pattern

I’m like hey, uh, I know it’s okay (‘Kay)

Sweet like Baby Ray’s (Ray’s)

Pull it to your face

Finna pull up to your place (Place)


On top of his recent project and exemplary single with $NOT, “POCKET ROCKET” is another vehicle for Cochise’s continued rise to prominence. He has an unmatched charisma among the crop of new wave rappers he is adjacent to, and grows his following with each release.

Check out his new single “POCKET ROCKET” below!