DC The Don brings high energy on new single ‘What Now?’

Each new song DC The Don has released this year has been more exciting than the last.

The 19-year-old’s beat selection and bars keep improving, and it’s evident on his new single “What Now?” which released Sept. 10.

“What Now?” sees Donny rattle off two lengthy, yet impressive verses over the energetic, brass-instrument infused production about his opps, his sex life and his brothers behind bars.

Boy, your ass not a man, we gon’ make him three letters (Yeah)

Stack up my loot, bitch, I love all my treasure (Yeah)

She a fan of my shit, we gon’ fuck if I let her (Yes sir)

Smash on the gas, it’s a whole ‘nother level (Yes sir)

Free my dawgs out the motherfucking box, I ain’t letting up

“What Now?” — DC The Don

DC’s angsty, melodic voice sounds better than ever on the elaborate hook as he shouts out his birthplace and allows for the hard-hitting beat to build.

Like what now?

I be outside when my house be at war and I think that I’ve seen enough now (Bop, bow)

They say they need me to fuck up Milwaukee, come home, do a show, then I’m out (Let’s go)

“What Now?” — DC The Don

With six solo singles under his belt since the beginning of 2021, DC The Don has established strong momentum heading into his upcoming album My Own Worst 3nemy. His Twitter header is the acronym for the album, which he says could be up to 20 songs long — alluding to the album excessively as of late.

While fans continue to wait for the album’s release, stream Donny’s latest single “What Now?” below!


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