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DC The Don alters pop hit into emo-rap banger with ‘Notice Me’

Cali native creates flashbacks to early 2010s boyband era with latest single.

When Nickelodeon was in its prime, Big Time Rush was among the most popular TV shows of the early 2010s — following the rise of a real-life boyband made up of four quirky Midwestern singers.

Of the band’s discography, their bonafide hit “Boyfriend” continues to have a lasting impact on those who’ve watched the show in their youth.

19-year old rapper DC The Don was surely among that group, as he takes influences from BTR on his latest track “Notice Me.”

DC The Don first previewed the track on his Instagram Live in May of this year, and finally released the song on Aug. 13.

“Notice Me”‘s instrumental utilizes the same melody as the song it takes inspiration from, “Boyfriend,” but adds trap drums to accentuate the updated hip-hop version of the song. DC The Don replaces sappy singing from the boyband with flexing bars about his Hellcat, girls blowing up his phone and his weed.

Damn, notice me, in that hellcat, I bet they notice me

That V12 too damn loud, don’t conversate with me

This bitch keep blowin’ up my phone, now I can’t go to sleep (Yeah, yeah)

She tried to tell me roll a blunt up, I rolled up all the weed

“Notice Me” — DC The Don

In the song’s music video, DC acts as the star member of a boyband like Big Time Rush, on set of a music video. The visuals even include an actor playing BTR’s manager on the TV show, Gustavo. It’s fair to say DC was a big fan of the show as well as the band.

“Notice Me” follows a popular trend among new wave rappers, remixing and re-envisioning pop hits from their childhood, as artists like 2KBABY and Yungeen Ace have done the same recently.

Check out DC The Don’s new single “Notice Me” below.