DDG stunts in new single ‘Rucci’ with accompanying visuals

Coming off his selection to the 2021 XXL Freshman list, YouTuber turned rapper DDG is back with his latest braggadocios single “Rucci.”

The Pontiac, Michigan native reflects on his come-up before switching flows to spit about his new life in the music industry. DDG — or Darryl Granberry Jr. — opens the track rapping over a low-key beat about making a million as a YouTuber before joining the rap game.

He then finds more pockets within the track’s bombastic production, speaking on how he finds the rap game simple and what he has gained from it.

Rap shit gravy, but with the drip, imma smother them

Showed up with VVs, and I left a puddle there

Fucking on nini, and I left my Cartier there

Snatch a bitch wig when I hit it from the back

Maybach Benz I ain’t pushin no ‘lac

Hellcat, Durango, we don’t fuck with no Scats

Took the Rolls Royce Wraith and I put it on flats (Yeah, yeah)

These are all facts, not fictional

DDG, ‘Rucci’

Visuals released for his new track on Sept. 14 perfectly match the vibe DDG portrays. Scenes of luxury cars, designer goods, chains and a party featuring multiple big-name rappers back up Granberry’s claim that everything he says is “all facts not fiction.”

Fresh off an 11-song collaborative mixtape with OG Parker, Die for Respect, DDG continues to stay active amid his March release. Die for Respect earned DDG his third placement on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at No. 61. This was his lowest charting release after earning spots 31 and 37 for “Valedictorian” and “Sorry for the Holdup.”

Stream DDG’s latest single on “RUCCI” below!


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