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Denzel Curry ups his trash talk on Madden track ‘The Game’

Florida rapper’s latest single lets him get some things off his chest.

Denzel Curry‘s approach has always been rough around the edges. With aggressive bars over typically bouncy production, Denzel’s raspy voice has become a staple in hip-hop since the mid-2010s.

On Aug. 13, Zeltron released his new single “The Game,” speaking about the types of people in the rap game that rub him the wrong way.

Although released as a single, “The Game” will be included in the Madden 22 video game soundtrack. Denzel clearers this up on Twitter, by also mentioning the song is not a single for his upcoming album Melt My Eyes, See Your Future, which has no tracklist, cover art or release date at the moment.

“The Game” is produced by the fiery Charlie Heat, famed for his contributions to multiple tracks on Kanye West‘s The Life of Pablo, as well as producing “Piss on Your Grave” by Travis Scott featuring Kanye West and receiving placements on three of Curry’s last four albums.

On the track, Denzel Curry spits about working hard to overcome adverse circumstances, leeches, shallow women, people following trends, materialism and how the industry pins black artists against each other. He raps about appreciating all types of musicians, from new wave rappers, to female rappers paving their own way.

You don’t need to brag or dress up when all your shit flame

Sabotaging other black men, bruh, all that shit lame

I got love for Megan, but also got love for Noname

And I won’t stop speaking to y’all until I change

“The Game” — Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry’s voice is refreshing to hear, as he never minces words, and does so while dropping bangers. Check out his new track “The Game,” included in EA Sports’ Madden 22 soundtrack, below.