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Dro Kenji keeps us ‘UP AT NIGHT’ with new SoundCloud exclusive

Dro Kenji has seemingly done it again. The Internet Money prodigy — donning newly orange dreds, brilliant vocals and irresistible melodies — keeps his foot on the gas with new releases, dropping a new SoundCloud exclusive “UP AT NIGHT” on Thursday (March 24).

Following his successful January album WITH OR WITHOUT YOU — which featured ever-so-popular tracks like “BOTTLE 4 BOTTLE,” “USED2KNOW,” “FINDERS KEEPERS” along with four stellar music videos — the 21-year-old South Carolina-born artist continued to go up with each new release, staying true to himself through it all.

While having completely capitalized song titles seems to be a norm for Kenji, so does never missing a step. On “UP AT NIGHT,” fans find yet another carefully crafted cut where Dro discusses the events and feelings that occur in the demon hours of the night — gracefully harmonizing over the catchy instrumental and sounding as if it could’ve also come off WOWY.

When I’m up at night, I don’t evеr hide my demons from her

Rock out with my family, my shadows always nuisancе to her

When I’m up at night, I don’t really feel, nothing hurts

Dro Kenji – “UP AT NIGHT”

While the track does not have an accompanying visual at the moment, the tempo, lyrics and ominous vibe that the song gives off could make for an extremely creative, dark fantasy-like video starring the Internet Money “SUPERSTAR.”

Dro Kenji has become one of the most explosive new wave artists in the revitalized SoundCloud era. Delivering five genre-bending albums since November of 2020, Kenji’s rise to success took place all in just over a year — raising his Instagram followers up to just under 100k and his Spotify output to an impressive 1.6 Million global listeners. His piercing vocals and unique style that makes way for his up-and-down flow has solidified him as one of the most talented new artists of our generation.

Expect plenty of new music from the young Internet Money star as he is sure to deliver many new singles and projects for years to come.

Check out “UP AT NIGHT” below!