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Dusty Locane releases ‘ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN, Pt.2 (PICTURE ME),’ as follow-up to his first hit

Dusty Locane releases ‘ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN: Brooklyn drill up-and-comer drops second rendition of his “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN” series.

DUSTY LOCANE first rose to fame when he released his first single “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN FREESTYLE” in August 2020, which features an eerie harmony sample over the stripped back drill beat.

The song received notoriety for LOCANE’s street-weathered voice — which is similar to that of the late-Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke‘s — as “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN FREESTYLE” garnered over 25 million views on YouTube.

Since then, DUSTY LOCANE has released five total songs to streaming platforms. “Rolando (Caught In The Rain)” became his next most popular song in November, reaching 16 million YouTube views — including a sung sample from fellow New York artist Fousheé where her lyric “always get caught in the rain / you say you love me, but you’ll never change” is looped. Fousheé is also featured as a sample on drill rapper Sleepy Hallow‘s 2020 single “Deep End Freestyle.”

Songs from this year like “RUMBLE” and “MOVE DOLEY” in LOCANE’s catalog have continued to grow his name in the Brooklyn drill scene. He hones in on the aggressive, yet poised sound in his voice over more up-tempo drill beats in these two tracks.

Now, DUSTY LOCANE is back with new single “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN, Pt.2 (PICTURE ME).” The track includes a melodic sample in similar fashion to that of “Rolando (Caught In The Rain),” where it is interpolated into the hook of the song. LOCANE returns to the style he used in the first version of “ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN” where he lays mellow vocals over a drill beat with hard-hitting claps.

“ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN, Pt. 2 (PICTURE ME)” has three separate verses that all see LOCANE talking about “staying strapped” and ready for action if his adversaries test him. Check out DUSTY LOCANE’s newest song below.

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