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Eem Triplin lets his ‘CHAIN HANG LOW’ on new single

Since the start of 2022, Eem Triplin has put together a run of ten singles that has not only defined his mostly laid-back sound, but could also be compiled into a full-length project. Throughout this seven month streak, SoundCloud has been Eem’s best friend, as he has turned to the underground’s right hand man of a platform to put out most of his new music.

Along with his most recent track “CHAIN HANG LOW” (July 31), Eem’s two prior singles also first appeared on SoundCloud. Then, either a day or two later, “CHAIN HANG LOW” and “HEARTBEAT” (July 5) both appeared on streaming services, while “RUBBABAN MAN” (July 9) stayed solely on SoundCloud, likely due to its use of the M.I.A. “Paper Planes” sample.

For “CHAIN HANG LOW,” Eem utilized his fool-proof formula as both the vocalist and co-producer. Over rhythmic drums and booming claps, Eem’s raspy, yet smooth crooning lined with “yeah” ad-libs is perfectly on brand for songs he’s put out this year, along with tracks he’s produced for his frequent collaborator $NOT.

In under a two-minute runtime, Eem’s able to fit sandwich his brief verse about handling his business as Pretty Ricky — the alias he uses for himself on his Twitter account — in between his two renditions of the “chain so low, swang under my feet” hook. As the cherry on top, the outro for “CHAIN HANG LOW” mirrors endings of other hits of his like “AWKWARD FREESTYLE,” where he slows down and distorts the instrumental, creating a more soothing finish.

As we have reached the last third of the year, Eem’s pace throughout 2022 has been rivaled by few in hip-hop, regardless of status. If the multi-faceted, new wave phenom can continue to stay hungry and hone in on his sound, the sky is the limit.

Check out “CHAIN HANG LOW” by Eem Triplin below!