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Ericdoa is going “back n forth” in his new video

While hyperpop continues to become more of a household genre each day, 18-year-old rising star Ericdoa is at the forefront of the movement.

Along with close friends Glaive, midwxst, Slump6s and others, ericdoa assumes his place as a new wave pop star. His latest single “back n forth” further proves Eric’s talent and maturity to thrive within his comfort zone.

Floating over the track’s alt-pop instrumental with heavy kicks, glitchy 808s and airy synths, Ericdoa’s sing-rapping is superb as he switches flows between pop-style crooning and spitting bars.

Eric feels defeated, love-torn and left wondering about things out of his control — constantly going “back n forth” between his thoughts. Audbily aiding himself to come to his senses, Eric’s inimtately present tone provides the track with the energy it needs — taking his frustrations out by destroying his old car with fireworks in the music video.

Yeah, I tried to make it work but it takes a turn for the worst

Yeah, I can feel you crawlin’ around in my head

I go back, I won’t ever learn, touch the fire, then you get burned

Always get wrapped up in the things that you said, yeah, and it go like

ericdoa — “back n forth”

This marks Eric’s fourth single of 2021 with his previously released “Fantasize” being his only other solo effort. His close friend and collaborator Glaive joined him on “f*** this town” and “cloak n dagger” earlier this year.

As he grows in popularity, the production value of his videos and music — as well as the size of shows he’s playing — continue to increase rapidly. While both of his full-length projects released last year — the most recent being COA in November — Eric looks to capitalize on the growth he’s seen thus far with an album hopefully on the horizon.

Listen to “back n forth” below!