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Fans ‘Can’t Complain’ whenever 42 Dugg drops a new track

Detroit’s own 42 Dugg is a testament to new wave swagger. While not found in the hyperpop-rage wave the next generation has become known for, Dugg resides within the classic semitones of Detroit-style hip-hop.

Within just the past few days, 42 Dugg has chopped it up with Big Sean at a Pistons game, handed out Turkeys to families in need, took a group of kids shopping who weren’t able to spend the holidays with their parents, celebrated his 26th birthday, and even dropped a new song and music video. With all this in mind, he “Can’t Complain” about the blessings he’s received thus far.

Dugg, who turned 26 on Thanksgiving, surprised fans with “Can’t Complain” as a birthday track. The song features one of Dugg’s longtime friends Reaper and sits at just over two and a half minutes long.

42 Dugg has really made a name for himself over the past couple years, since breaking out on Lil Baby’s chart-topping hit “We Paid.” With one of the most distinguishable voices in all of hip-hop, Dugg has seriously solidified himself as one of the most thrilling young stars in this new generation.

“Can’t Complain” kicks off with 42 Dugg’s iconic and easily recognizable whistle sound effect that instantly grabs fans’ attention. Following the whistle, Dugg comes in with pure force and assertion as he smoothly flows over the catchy beat with ease.

Boy, I won’t drop shit with a five

These my only n***** that ain’t died

Please cross the line, put ten on a n****, tap ten

Make a friend do n****, or die, only friends anyway

Dugg be gettin’ to the pay

Dugg got b*tches in the A

Dugg got a b*tch with a Drac’

She let it blow when I’ll say, say, say

42 Dugg – Can’t Complain

To accompany the impressive track, Dugg and Reaper are seen kicking it on stage performing in the visual — up in the club, popping champagne bottles, flexing their cash and their diamond-dancing bling. Overall, it looks like Dugg and Reaper are enjoying life and enjoying each other’s company, unable to complain about the time they’re having.

Saying 42 Dugg has had an impressive career would be a complete understatement. He’s released multiple singles and a full-length project titled Free Dem Boyz which featured artists like Lil Durk, Roddy Ricch, Future and many more.

With 42 Dugg steady dropping heat, there’s no signs of him slowing down anytime soon.

For now, enjoy “Can’t Complain” below!