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FaZe Kaysan brings Future, Lil Durk together for ‘Made a Way’

Although FaZe Clan started over a decade ago (2010), they have skyrocketed to prominence over the past couple years. First launching as a group of novice, passionate gaming streamers, FaZe has now graduated to the highest level of gaming, sports and entertainment with a roster of over 80 members in several creative avenues, including basketball star LeBron James’ son Bronny James and NFL quarterback Kyler Murray.

With this immense platform they now hold, the talent they’ve assembled now have access to to the entertainment industry’s best. FaZe Kaysan, a hip-hop producer affiliated with FaZe, seized the opportunity, and linked with trap icons Future and Lil Durk to release his first official single “Made a Way” on Sept. 29.

Along with Allen Ritter and WondaGurl, who have produced several of Travis Scott‘s, Drake‘s and Rihanna‘s biggest hits, FaZe Kaysan’s upbeat, piano-infused instrumental fits perfectly with the Voice and Pluto’s aspirations for the song.

Durk opens “Made a Way” with a passionate, smoothly sung hook and slides on the first verse with bars about his persistance and hard-working lifestyle.

I done made it out the mud, I’m with my gang, I don’t recruit

Ain’t gon’ never see my clubbing, bring my hoes to the stu’

Ain’t never gon’ see me shopping, I bring the stores to the stu’

When you see me with my Glock, I’m like Cole Bennett when I shoot

“Made a Way” — FaZe Kaysan featuring Future, Lil Durk

Future then finds his way on the track by first going back-and-forth with Durk on the second rendition of the lengthy hook.

Afterwards, he tackles the song’s second verse by demonstrating how well he treats his women and how the lean always has him inebriated.

I gave her cash and a mink

I fuck her over the sink

I keep on spilling my drink

That’s the way, that’s the way

Shoutout the trenches, my peeps

I’m sippin’ mud like tea

“Made a Way” — FaZe Kaysan featuring Future, Lil Durk

The duo finished off the track with their shared hook, capping off a successful rookie showing for FaZe Kaysan. Having two surefire artists like Future and Lil Durk aiding the beginning of your career was, evidently, a brilliant move.

Stream FaZe Kaysan’s new single “Made a Way” with Lil Durk and Future below!