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Fresco Trey, Lil Tjay ‘Feel Good’ on new single

Memphis-raised Fresco Trey is steadily making his name known as a rising melodic rapper with each new release and cosign. On Sept 10, Trey linked up with one of melodic rap’s hottest artists, Lil Tjay, to remix his November 2020 track “Feel Good.”

The new rendition of the track begins the same as the old version, with Fresco Trey sandwiching his verse about superficial girls and keeping himself armed with a wonderfully sung, optimistic hook.

Diamonds, dancing dripping on my wrist

It make me feel good

She just want a nigga, fuck her right and make her feel good

Smack it when I hit it, gotta let her know I’m still hood

Don’t know what I drank, but I just know that I don’t feel good

“Feel Good” — Fresco Trey featuring Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay comes in on the song’s second verse with his trademark flair to spit about curving women and making sure his time isn’t wasted.

Hop up on the stage and imma go crazy

Got these bitches on my body I feel so wavy

I’m a G.O.A.T and I knew that since a fucking baby

You wan’t my service there ain’t nothin’ free

You gotta pay me

“Feel Good” — Fresco Trey featuring Lil Tjay

Fresco Trey and Tjay ooze positive vibes in the music video for the track, playing basketball and beer pong on a sunny day with some friends.

“Feel Good” is the second single for Fresco Trey’s upcoming project Heartbreak Diaries, set to drop on Oct. 1. Until then, check out Trey’s new collaboration with Lil Tjay below.