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Glaive, ericdoa team up for latest hit ‘f*ck this town’

For hyperpop’s golden boys glaive and ericdoa, making music that stays stuck in your head just seems to come naturally. As far as new wave duos go, they are as lethal as ever on their latest high-energy cut “fuck this town.”

Considering their ascent at such a young age, they’ve been at the forefront of the genre’s mainstream popularity since the start — and for good reason. With tons of talent to show for, both glaive and eric are at the cusp of what they will achieve as the genre continues to grow.

Nevertheless, their chemistry is on full display once more on “fuck this town” — harmonizing and switching off lines about ditching their homes for greener pastures. Setting out to chase their dreams, the duo also reflects on how their success has affected the places they come from and the people within it.

I turn my home into a ghost town

Maybe that’s why every single person going ghost now

I’ve been working too hard, why the fuck would I slow down?

People only care about you when it’s about to go down


Said fuck this town and like everyone in it

Say you’re mad at me, I’m just minding my business

She wanna dance with the devil but won’t pay him a visit

I bet I’ll see him soon ’cause the way that I’m living

“fuck this town” — ericdoa & glaive

Enlisting frequent collaborators in Glasear, YoungKimj and Whethan, the production on “fuck this town” feels nostalgic and ethereal — incorporating airy guitar melodies and overlapped ad-libs. Experiencing their success in real-time, glaive and eric have always been one to wear their hearts on their sleeves, as their songwriting ability is not one to be overlooked. Both artists have a knack for creating poignant storylines in under two minutes. Hyperpop’s appeal is highlighting those snapshots of emotion and glaive and ericdoa execute that to perfection.

Previously working together on “cloak n dagger” earlier this year, the teenage stars seem to get better with each track they release. Dropping the ultra-infectious “detest me” in June, Glaive is preparing to release his upcoming album All Dogs Go To Heaven sometime this summer. Eric, on the other hand, is riding the success of his first major label single “fantasize” — shooting the Connecticut-based artist further into the spotlight.

Whether it’s individually or together, their ability to curate catchy hooks and emotional lyricism seems to grow with each track they release. As “fuck this town” is a testament for further prosperity, both glaive and ericdoa continue making their mark — and their music — in their own way.