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Overly observant Glaive wows on ‘minnesota is a place that exists’

As music continues to evolve into a more defiant and progressive state, it seems as though new rules are being written daily for the betterment of the culture.

We hear “rappers” sing more than they spit, listen to sub-genres that incite nostalgia and champion songs that tout a malgamation of multiple genres. In turn, many up-and-coming acts lean on the new wave’s eclectic ear — influenced by hip-hop, hyperpop, electronic and dance music — as Glaive is perhaps the most magnetic of them all.

The 17-year-old vocalist has created a wave of his own, generating buzz around his unique sound and distinctive style for the last two years. Off the strength of his breakout single “clover” in 2020, the young talent has evidently ascended as hyperpop’s marquee voice. Following his 2021 debut project — and coinciding deluxe in old dog, new tricks — Glaive takes a summer vacation of sorts on his latest single “minnesota is a place that exists.”

While Glaive points out the obvious on “minnesota is a place that exists,” the track itself is hard to define. Throughout, fans will find Glaive’s elite yet adolescent vocals littered with auto-tune and sugary stacks. Labeled as a “pop” record, the track boasts a variety of sounds that has fans debating its true sonic origins.

I f*cking hate it when you

Tell me I’m upset when I’m just getting shit off my chest

I might just f*cking kill you

Lay you down to rest and tell your family that you went

To f*cking Minnesota

To f*cking Minnesota

“minnesota is a place that exists” – Glaive

In the accompanying video for “minnesota is a place that exists,” Glaive’s gratifying and artistic presence is filled with romance, awkwardness, unique shots, a variety of scenic locations and rifles. Seen with his significant other doing an assortment of different activities, Glaive is spotted at the pool, eating breakfast, shooting guns, smoking cigarettes and watching a truck burn — all for him to find this fun for naught at the end of the video.

With so much raw talent at such a young age, it’s safe to say that Glaive is just at the cusp of his already outstanding career.

Watch “minnesota is a place that exists” below!