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Guapdad 4000 makes his vision clear on “I Need Bands”

Throughout Guapdad 4000‘s relatively young career, he has been consistent about his main focus in life: getting money.

With albums like 2017’s Scamboy Color and 2019’s Dior Deposits, he playfully asserted his “scamming” lifestyle — continuously reminding his fans that he’ll employ any means necessary to run up a check.

Even to start the new year, Guapdad stays firm in the mentality. On Jan. 21, the Oakland-raised, self-proclaimed “Platinum Falcon” released “I Need Bands,” his first official single of 2022.

“I Need Bands” is produced by fellow Oakland native Link+Up, who most notably has provided instrumentals for Kamaiyah and SOB X RBE. The pristine beat he provides with periodic claps allows Guap to effectively flow about his hunger for wealth. While doing whatever he can to not fall back into his old, less affluent lifestyle, Guapdad 4000 insists he’s not above “hitting licks.”

I need bands

Act like you’ve been around somethin’ (Ayy)

Act right, you around money, yeah

Used to sleep on the floor with the carpet and the nails

Now it’s money for bail, my girls got BBL’s (Yeah)

Tryna get into the industry but I was late in it

I ain’t never had my own lane, I created it

“I Need Bands” — Guapdad 4000

The visuals for “I Need Bands” coincide with this mindset, capturing Guap’s money-spending ways at the club and stuffing bills in his pants.

This “new year, same Guapdad 4000” attitude is evident in his other recent singles as well. Particularly his single “Money” from early December, samples the classic 1970’s funk/R&B band The O’Jays smash-hit “For the Love of Money.”

In promotion of “I Need Bands,” Guapdad hilariously capitalized off a recent trending meme of hosts from the Fresh&Fit podcast, inserting a voice-over on top of the viral rant.

It is unclear if these recent single releases will lead to a project for Guap, as his last project came in the form of 1176 and its deluxe in March 2021. But, any indulgent, money-center release from Guapdad is sure to be quality — completely evident in “I Need Bands.”

Check out Guapdad 4000’s new single below!