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Gunna floats on new single ‘9 TIMES OUTTA 10’ with Taurus

YSL rapper delivers new song ahead of highly anticipated upcoming album.

It’s finally Gunna season once again. The hip-hop community has been patiently waiting for the sultan of slime to return with the fourth rendition of his Drip Season series. We may have our first step in that direction as Gunna released his newest song “9 TIMES OUTTA 10,” along with its music video on the afternoon of August 18.

The song is produced by Taurus, frequent collaborator with Gunna with several placements on his 2020 album WUNNA as well as its deluxe version. 12 songs from WUNNA landed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including “SKYBOX” produced by Taurus at No. 65.

Now, the duo is back with “9 TIMES OUTTA 10.” With Gunna’s crisp voice and mellow flow, the song sees him pick up where he left off with WUNNA with a spacey atmosphere and production with frequent claps. Gunna raps about the likelihood of his success at any given opportunity on the track.

Nine times out of ten, niggas knew I was gon’ win (Win)

Nine times out of ten, I was gonna get a Benz (Nine times out of ten)

Nine times out of ten, I’ma come and get revenge (Come and get revenge)

Nine times out of ten, I’ll probably send again (Again)

“9 TIMES OUTTA 10” — Gunna, Taurus

With this new single now released, it’s time to start looking ahead for Drip Season 4‘s rollout, which Gunna teased at the beginning of 2021.

The Drip Season series has seen some of Gunna’s best work to date, as its last installation in 2018 propelled Gunna into rap’s upper echelon with hits like “Oh Okay” featuring Young Thug and Lil Baby and “Car Sick” with NAV and Metro Boomin. But, until Drip Season 4 comes around, check out Gunna’s new song “9 TIMES OUTTA 10” below, with his beloved producer Taurus.